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Christian Jihad
Two Former Muslims Look at the Crusades and Killing in the Name of Christ

by Ergun Caner & Emir Caner

Christian Jihad is the story of a horrific journey of slaughter and conversion by the sword. It paints the picture of warriors, fighting in the name of religion. It is a journey into the darkest hour of Christianity — the Crusades. To most in the west, the Crusades are only a faded memory of events long past. But to the Islamic world, the "Crusaders" have never ended their attempt to take over the world. The authors, intent on providing more than a mere history lesson, examine the impact of the Crusades on today, question ideas like "just war," and urge Christians to learn from the past. (Published by Kregel, $12.99)


The Keys to the Chronicles
Unlocking the Symbols of C. S. Lewis's Narnia

by Marvin D. Hinten

Most readers of the C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia know that there is more there than meets the eye. Certain story elements have obvious duel meanings — a second layer below the surface — like the death and resurrection of Aslan the lion. But where does the name Aslan come from? What are other key Bible references in the Chronicles of Narnia? Did Lewis make up the names, or do they have a deeper meaning too? And do even Lewis's own personal feelings about prunes show up in these books? The Keys to the Chronicles will unlock the literary, linguistic, biographical, biblical, and mythological depth of Lewis's masterpiece. (Published by Broadman & Holman, $9.99)


Jack's Life
The Life Story of C. S. Lewis

by Douglas Gresham

Douglas Gresham claims that Jack Lewis was the finest man and the best Christian he has ever known. Of course, Jack to Douglas is C. S. Lewis to the rest of the world. The informal address Gresham uses to refer to the great writer is indicative of the intimacy he shared with Lewis for a dozen years, living in England as Lewis's stepson. Jack's Life is an affectionate account of days now long gone. It is a personal memoir of a man who touched many in the classroom, even more with his pen, and made a significant, lasting, and eternal impression on one young man. Douglas Gresham is uniquely qualified to offer such an extraordinary portrait. (Published by Broadman & Holman, $16.99)


Holman CSB Minister's Bible

Long awaited but well-worth waiting for, this elegant yet practical Bible is every Minister's dream. It is perfectly suited to the specific needs and demands of every minister. This fine leather bound Holman CSB Bible is like having a fine "preaching Bible" and practical "minister's manual" in one. (Published by Broadman & Holman, $75.00)



Imagine! A God-Blessed America
by Richard Land

Too many Christians have resigned themselves to a fatalistic perspective on our decadent society. However, Dr. Land believes the "divine tipping point" is within our reach and God's blessing is a very real possibility for our time. Readers will be inspired to believe their faith can make a difference, and they can help forge a better life for themselves, the next generation, their culture, and their nation. (Published by Broadman & Holman, $24.99)


God, Marriage, and Family
Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation

by Andreas J. Kostenberger & David W. Jones

We live in a time of crisis regarding marriage and the family, and only by a return to the biblical foundation can these institutions be rebuilt. To provide an integrated, biblical treatment of the full range of marriage and family issues, the authors of God, Marriage, and Family examine what Scripture says about God's purposes for humans in their marriage and family interactions. Their examination covers the special issues stemming from marriage, childrearing, singleness, homosexuality, and divorce and remarriage. With study questions and points for further discussion, this book is a comprehensive yet concise resource for anyone seeking a Scriptural response to our culture's complex challenges to God's intentions for marriage and family. (Published by Crossway Books, $20.00)


Mere Humanity
by G. K. Chesterton, C. S. Lewis, & R. R. Tolkien

Philosophers list "What is man?" and "What is the purpose of life on this earth?" as two of the most important questions that must be asked by everyone in the quest to become a complete human being. Mere Humanity digs into the treasured writings of Chesterton, Lewis, and Tolkien for the answers. (Published by Broadman & Holman, $24.99)


One Sacred Effort
The Cooperative Program of Southern Baptists

by Chad Brand & David E. Hankins

One Sacred Effort provides a valuable account of the history and purpose of the Cooperative Program of Southern Baptists. The preamble of the original constitution of the Southern Baptist Convention describes the purpose of the SBC as "eliciting, combining, and directing the energies of the whole denomination in one sacred effort, for the propagation of the Gospel." These words are not only historically significant, they convey the mission and purpose and distill the distinct facets of the Cooperative Program. (Published by Broadman & Holman, $14.99)


The Judge Who Stole Christmas
by Randy D. Singer

Thomas Hammond and his wife play Joseph and Mary in the annual live nativity scene in their hometown. But a federal judge rules the display unconstitutional — and a Christmas showdown ensues. Thomas refuses to abide by the court order … and ends up in jail. From the courtrooms of Virginia to the talk shows of New York City, the battle escalates into a national media spectacle. Caught in the middle is law student Jasmine Woodfaulk — assigned to represent Thomas as part of her school's legal aid clinic. Only a surprising series of events can reconcile a stubborn father, a crusading law student, and a recalcitrant judge. (Published by WaterBrook Press, $10.95)


The Battle for God
Responding to the Challenge of Neotheism

by Norman L. Geisler & H. Wayne House

As leading evangelical theological institutions and societies prepare to grapple with the potentially divisive implications of neotheism, The Battle of God clearly reiterates the tenets of orthodox belief that are under assault, the biblical and theological basis for their acceptance, and the stakes that hand in the balance in any debate about the nature and involvement of God in time and the events of human history. (Published by Kregel Publications, $19.99)



The Passion Driven Sermon
by James L. Shaddix

Seasoned pastor and educator James L. Shaddix presents a philosophical and theological argument for the practice of biblical exposition as the pastor's primary approach to preaching ministry in the local church. Shaddix emphasizes listening for God's voice in the sermon, God-centered vs. man-centered preaching, and/or preaching for real life-change. (Published by Broadman & Holman, $19.99)


You, The Warrior Leader
by Bobby Welch

You, the Warrior Leader will develop Christians called to leadership roles into victorious spiritual war fighters who can form a multiplying army to fulfill the Great Commission — the mission to which God's army has been called. Christians will be able to expand their force in a unified, focused, mobilized, intentional, and effective offensive campaign that will succeed at winning and discipling the world locally, nationally, and internationally. (Published by Broadman & Holman, $19.99)


What Every Christian Ought to Know
by Adrian Rogers

Just as plants need certain essentials to grow — light, water, and fertile soil — so do new Christians — babes in the faith. Without these essentials — the basic truths of the faith — they will never establish strong roots or bear fruit. Adrian Rogers has written a book designed to give new believers the nurture and care their faith needs to blossom and grow. What Every Christian Ought to Know seeks to give intellectual truth, and also to provide the "spiritual nutrients" required to produce mature faith. (Published by Broadman & Holman, $19.99)

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