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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Pastor’s Study

Holman CSB Illustrated Study Bible

To really grasp God's word, understanding the Bible's historical, geographical, and cultural contexts is vital. Using over 1,000 color graphics, maps, photographs, reconstructions, and charts to enliven the Bible world, this special Bible edition enlightens readers to the contextual details of every major character and moment. In addition, helpful introductions list the author, date, original audience, and purpose of each book; give a key text and term; show Christ in each book; and place each book in the overall story of Scripture. (B&H Publishing Group, $39.99)


Everlasting Dominion
by Eugene H. Merrill

A thoroughly researched theology of the Old Testament based on decades of study and teaching experience. Taking a high view of Scripture as the inspired, authoritative Word of God, Merrill guides readers to a better understanding of the nature of Old Testament theology and employs a well-balanced method of laying bare the Scripture so that its profound, life-changing truths can be better apprehended and applied. (B&H Publishing Group, $39.99)


To the Ends of the Earth
by Jerry Rankin

Captures the essence of the International Mission Board's ministry in To the Ends of the Earth. Readers are shown a foundational prayer strategy and church-planting methodology that are essential components of Kingdom growth. They will also find practical ways to participate in short-term volunteer projects, support missionaries, adopt unreached people groups, and join partnerships that faithfully fulfill the Great Commission. Most of all, the book increases an awareness of how God is working in the world today and in turn challenges every believer to a new urgency in reaching those who don't know Jesus. (B&H Publishing Group, $14.99)


From Pentecost to Patmos
by Craig L. Blomberg

The follow-up companion to his 1998 ECPA Gold Medallion Award-winning book, Jesus and the Gospels. In the same style as that first acclaimed and widely used volume, the author goes deep into the biblical writings of Acts through Revelation, helping serious Bible students to better understand the historical, linguistic, and theological significances found in each book. (B&H Publishing Group, $39.99)


Making Change: A Transformational Guide to Christian Money Management
by Ken Hemphill

Presents the essential basics of money management for Christians and then casts a greater added vision to the church and individuals of how our God-given financial resources can change lives for the sake of His Kingdom. Author Ken Hemphill begins by helping readers discover the blessing of contentment rather than the gnawing curse of greed and shares helpful instructions on debt reduction, earning, saving, and spending. He also addresses the biblical laws of giving and teaches an inspiring concept of "whole-life stewardship" that can lead to a person's legacy. And that's worth more than anything money could ever buy. (B&H Publishing Group, $12.99)


I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist
by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek

Argues that Christianity requires the least "faith" of all worldviews because it is the most reasonable. The authors lay out the evidence for truth, God, and the Bible in logical order and in a readable, non-technical, engaging style. A valuable aid to those interested in examining the reasonableness of the Christian faith, Geisler and Turek provide a firm challenge to the prior beliefs of doubters and skeptics. (Crossway Books, $15.99)


Raising the Bar: Ministry to Youth in the New Millennium
by Alvin L. Reid

Two-thirds of today's teens are interested in having a meaningful relationship with God, yet less than one-third of them are active in a local church. This compelling book provides an impassioned plea for the church to set a higher standard; to reinvent the fundamental ways we have ministered to teens and their families. (Kregel Publications, $11.99)


Lean Hard on Jesus: God's Great Goodness in Your Darkest Night
by Joyce Rogers

In hard times we must lean on Jesus and dig into His Word to rediscover God's great goodness. Joyce Rogers opens her heart and shares Scripture, stories, songs, and poems that remind us that God is good and all goodness comes from Him. (Crossway Books, $9.99)


Love Worth Finding: The Life of Adrian Rogers and His Philosophy of Preaching
by Joyce Rogers

Adrian Rogers was one of America's most respected Bible teachers, having communicated to millions through his Love Worth Finding radio ministry and as the former senior pastor of the Bellevue Baptist Church near Memphis, Tennessee. Adrian helped guide the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Evangelical denomination in North America, through treacherous and troubling waters of theological liberalism and doctrinal heresy and back to the truths that Christ's church was founded on and has stood upon for centuries. (B&H Publishing Group, $24.99)


Evidence for Christianity
by Josh McDowell

Whether debating Marxists, college professors, or Islamic apologists, Josh McDowell's hallmark has always been to walk boldly into enemy territory and speak truth. This book is based on the expectation that, with a growing number of adults becoming increasingly skeptical toward Christianity, there is a need for a solid body of persuasive evidence to be presented to them. This is a sourcebook for doubting seekers as well as current believers who need persuasive information to share with friends. Evidence for Christianity is McDowell's compelling answer to the hard questions so many Christians are afraid to discuss. (Thomas Nelson Publishers, $16.99)

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