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Crossover Louisville Ministry Opportunities

Crossover weekend is June 19-20, 2009, but additional Crossover activities will be taking place for several weeks. Listed below are general descriptions of Crossover activities taking place throughout Louisville.

Personal and Street Evangelism

Participants will share their faith throughout downtown Louisville and its surrounding communities. Teams will survey and witness door-to-door through assigned neighborhoods, with priority given to areas where new church starts are planned.

Intentional Community Evangelism (ICE) Team

A specially trained team will share their faith throughout the inner city area on June 15-19. Local team members will be matched with experienced ICE Team members who will be coming to Louisville for the week.

Block Parties

With the end goal of planting new churches or strengthening existing congregations, team members and churches will use creative ways to share the Gospel and Jesus' love in targeted areas or neighborhoods.

Follow-up Teams

As interest is expressed in knowing more about Jesus, the church, or the Bible and decisions are made, team members will follow-up with the objective of teaching and/or guiding the prospect to the local church.

International Festival Team

Help stage one or two international festivals featuring native dress, displays, and food from various ethnic groups. The objective will be for the team to stage the events and use them to share Jesus and His love.

Hispanic Festival/Revival Team

Planning nightly, multiple, simultaneous evangelistic meetings at every LRBA Hispanic church one week prior to the Southern Baptist Convention. Planning a Saturday concert/festival accompanied with an evangelistic message.

Church Planting Team

Members of this team will survey, plan, and develop potential new congregations of unchurched people.

Prayer Journeys

Members will become part of the evangelistic outreach by praying for all the volunteer teams and ministry areas or locations, through prayer walks and other prayer events.

Kindness Explosion

The team members will plan and implement acts of kindness, such as handing out bottled water with the plan of salvation, in targeted high traffic areas, or targeted areas where the Crossover Changers or Kentucky Builders are working in order to create evangelistic opportunities.

Kentucky Builders

This is a team of trained and skilled workers who will complete a major building project such as a new house or ministry building. The team will create evangelistic opportunities within the community.

Crossover Changers

A team of young people, 16 years and older, who will make repairs to home or community buildings and share Jesus love in the targeted community.

Disaster Relief Team

Kentucky Baptist Convention feeding teams supporting the need of the Crossover Changers and Kentucky Builders, during the week of June 15-19, 2009.

For additional Crossover information, go to www.crossoverlouisville.com. You can also contact Charles Barnes, Crossover Coordinator, at (502) 635-2601 or [email protected].



What You Can Do Now

PRAY! Pray for Crossover Leaders as they recruit volunteers and coordinate events. Pray about how you can be involved. Pray for all the lives who will be healed and brought closer to our Lord.

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