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Divine Appointment

A wrong telephone number, a substitute translator, and a total stranger turned out to be God's provision for a couple who traveled to China to share Christ in an unreached megacity.

Despite the extensive preparations preceding their visit, upon arrival the couple discovered they had the wrong phone number for their primary contact at one of the city's universities. So they set out on their own and arrived unannounced at the gate of the university just as its president was departing for a banquet. Upon encountering the visitors, he insisted that they join him. At the banquet, they met a number of university professors and department heads. The couple realized the timing of their arrival was no coincidence.

One of those department heads turned out to be a former college classmate of the couple's translator, who traveled from the U.S. with the couple as a last minute "substitute." The translator and the department chairman, who had not seen each other for fifteen years, greeted each other as old friends. The couple recognized this as an-other clear indication of God's sovereign hand upon the trip.

They marveled as God's purposes continued to unfold. On one of the last days of the journey the couple, their translator, and some local teachers were hiking toward a tourist attraction when a stranger approached them. The lady boldly told them that she had received a message from God on the previous night — that a foreigner would visit that day and bring her some very important news.

Sensing this, too, was a divine appointment, the couple welcomed the opportunity to share. As the group sat around a table and sipped tea, they told their new friends about God's love for them. Every member of the group listened intently, and several of them later sought out the couple to discreetly learn more about faith in Christ.

When the couple left the city, they were resolved to return for an extended time of ministry. Convinced that God opened these doors of opportunity, they now believe He has called them to help reach that entire city of more than 1 million people.

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