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Do You Own Your TV?

Almost every busy person, at one time or another, complains of not having enough time. I can show you how you can get thirty extra hours a month to:

spend in prayer and devotion,

study the eternal Word of God,

learn a musical instrument,

read great books,

play with your children,

rekindle the romance with your mate,

take long, healthy walks,

start the exercise program you've said you want to do,

or whatever!

Turn off the TV just one hour per day, and you'll have seven extra hours per week; thirty extra hours per month, 365 extra hours per year to do what you want, or what you ought, rather than just what you've been doing by habit.

Even the most casual observer can see how deep the changes in TV programming run. You may be surprised at how many extra hours you can find by becoming intentional about this time-consumer! A crucial principle for every Christian to live by is "redeem the time." How may we do this in regard to television?

Just make a decision, and then make a schedule! MAKE A DECISION about how much of your time you are willing to give to those who produce the programming we watch on television. Then, MAKE A SCHEDULE. When the newspaper comes in with the TV schedule; decide then! Ask yourself, "How will I budget the hours I've set aside for television?" If you view TV by design, instead of by default, you'll like the freedom, and the sense of well-being that comes from the discipline.

When you see time as being like money — limited and valuable — you'll want to spend it wisely. Be stingy with it, and you'll have more to use as you wish.

Do you own your TV? Or does it own you?

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