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EKG: When Churches Pray for Churches

Does your church have some specific prayer concerns? Could other believers link with you in prayer to pray for a mighty movement of God in your congregation? Could your prayers, undergirding another congregation, be just the spark that God honors to move that other congregation and yours to the next level?

Yes! The answer is obvious. Prayer is foundational to the Kingdom enterprise. Churches Praying for Churches is an Empowering Kingdom Growth initiative that focuses on building a network of churches and believers to pray specifically for one another by name and by need.

Each Southern Baptist congregation has the opportunity to list specific prayer needs for their particular congregation. Other believers and churches who enlist to be part of this prayer venture will be asked to pray specifically for a minimum of twelve other churches over a twelve-week period. By June 2004, we are seeking to have a Kingdom network of intercessors and churches that have specifically prayed for each Southern Baptist church at least once.

There is nothing to buy. Registration as an intercessor, group, or church can be done by phone (888-Prayer2) or by using the Internet. Prayer requests will be received in the same way. To learn more go to www.oneinamillionprayer.com, or www.sbc.net, or www.EmpoweringKingdomGrowth.net. All of these sites will lead you to additional information, registration, and instructions.

Thousands have already registered through the One In A Million prayer movement to pray for personal repentance, personal revival, and a national spiritual awakening. Now, through Churches Praying for Churches, we are seeking to link a network of churches in prayer to pray are God's empowerment and engage them in His churches across The Southern Baptist Convention for Kingdom growth.

Harold Lindsell said in When You Pray more than thirty years ago, "Whenever the Church has gone forward it has done so on its knees. Until the Church returns to its knees and takes up again the holy task of prayer there will be no large advance of the kingdom and no strengthening of the churches." (page 180, When You Pray, 1969, Tyndale)

The often-quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 begins: If my people, who are called by my name, will …. It seems the question is "If." God has chosen to honor the prayers of those that are humble and repentant. Morris Chapman has reminded us that prayer is not something we do while we are preparing to do something else. Prayer is the "doing something." Prayer is foundational. Will you be a part? Will your church be a part?

The technology that allows us to network in prayer across the breadth of a continent is fantastic. Technology is the tool. Prayer is the task. Our goal is far more than enlisting a network and ensuring that every Southern Baptist church is specifically prayed for. The passion behind Churches Praying for Churches is to experience a mighty movement of God across North America and around the world.



Churches Praying for Churches

Churches Praying for Churches is part of the "One in a Million" prayer project, an Empowering Kingdom Growth emphasis.

The goal of Churches Praying for Churches is to encourage prayer groups and individuals in Southern Baptist churches to work together praying for every church in the SBC by mid 2004, with a continuing effort thereafter.

To learn about Churches Praying For Churches, go to www.EmpoweringKingdomGrowth.net and watch the short informational video.

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