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ERLC: On the Air

The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is closer to Southern Baptists' hometowns — within arm's reach on their radio dial.

The SBC's agency for moral and public policy concerns launched a national radio program Feb. 16 that will enable millions of Southern Baptists and others to tune in and participate in biblically-based discussions on the critical issues confronting the nation.

The program, For Faith & Family, debuted on more than 170 radio stations live and on tape-delay across the United States and at AudioNet on the Internet.

ERLC President Richard Land is hopeful Southern Baptists will tune in to every episode of the half-hour, call-in radio program airing live at 11:30 am Central weekdays. "We hope and pray that For Faith & Family will help listeners develop a Christian worldview which will enable them to fully understand and address the critical social, moral, and public policy issues facing our nation."

Land, along with special guests, discuss social and ethical issues of key concern to Christians — abortion, gambling, racism, pornography, and substance abuse, among others. Some listeners will have the opportunity to take part in the discussion both by calling the program directly, and by interactive communication via electronic mail to Land in the studio.

"The miracle of technology — real-time broadcasting on the Internet — will enable us to reach the widest audience possible, particularly an audience not typically Christian," Land said. "Since For Faith & Family is still, ultimately, an outreach ministry, this is a tremendous opportunity for evangelism and for communicating Christian values to a larger audience."

In the near future, listeners will be able to visit the For Faith & Family Internet site at www.fff.com. to hear the program live on AudioNet or to listen to archived programs. For a complete listing of radio stations in your area carrying the program, contact the ERLC at (615) 244-2495.

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