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Everyone Can!


The one thing that was so evident during my "Everyone Can" Kingdom Challenge for Evangelism bus trip was that evangelism in all parts of the country is the same … if you get out of the church and into the homes with a genuine concern, you can reach people for Christ. Our families, as well as our friends, desperately need this. Below are a few testimonies from Pastor Bob Ford of East Side Baptist Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas, that "Everyone Can." It's contagious — try it!

Bob was on the team last week that led a young man in his early twenties to the Lord. When he returned home that evening, Bob shared his joy and excitement with his wife and told her the story of how the Lord had worked in the visit. Their ten-year-old son, Stephen, tuned into the conversation and became very interested. Later in the week, a family friend died unexpectedly, and Stephen was especially disturbed by the news and began asking his dad about death and eternity. Bob had practiced evangelism literally dozens of times in his home, practicing on his family, in preparation for leading someone to Christ. He asked Stephen if he would listen once again to the presentation.

Stephen listened carefully most of the way through but began to sob. Bob remarked that Stephen is not given to tears, but he was crying almost uncontrollably. Finally, Bob was able to ask Stephen about what had triggered his emotions. Stephen said, "It was that part about confessing with your mouth and believing in your heart. I haven't done that." "Would like to?" Bob asked, and from there he led his son to the Lord. After telling this story to me, Bob said, "Pastor, thank you for teaching me how to share my faith and giving me the privilege of leading my son to the Lord." It is a pastor's blessing to see dads and moms leading their children to the cross.

Bouasy is a Laotian Christian and part of the Laotian congregation that meets at East Side Baptist church. When she learned about our evangelism class, she decided it was something she should do. She has been used by the Lord in some wonderful ways over the last two years, alongside of others that had learned to share their faith. Now that she knew how, she seldom returned to the church without the report of someone coming to faith in Christ. She often would make "salvation appointments" with members of the Laotian community in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She phones ahead, telling the family when she is coming and why she is coming. She has even had people phone her at home to make a "salvation appointment!"

Bouasy makes her visits with an African American woman and a young man raised in Long Island, New York. This has to be one of the most diverse evangelism teams in the mid-south. Somehow, Bouasy has adapted the witnessing program to the Lao language. Her team reports that they don't understand a word she is saying but somehow they usually have an idea of what she is saying. This multi-ethnic team has made a deep impression on many of our prospects as a powerful living illustration of the "God so loved the world …" message that the team brings.


All of the efforts we put into sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others will be blessed. Won't you at least try to learn how to share your faith so that if a family member came to you, you would be able to share the gospel and help them know how they can have eternal life? Today is the day of salvation — don't put it off — it may be too late for someone you love.

Editor's Note: Look for Bobby Welch's new book, You, The Warrior Leader, published by Broadman & Holman and available at LifeWay Christian Stores.