The movie Fireproof from Sherwood Pictures and Provident Films was released September 26. Already, the movie is uniting marriage advocates from across the U.S. An action-packed love story, Fireproof has audiences laughing, crying, and inching toward the edge of their seats as they are drawn into the world of a firefighter, his wife, and a marriage worth rescuing. A central component of the movie is a daily study called The Love Dare. The Love Dare sustains the movie's message. The most frequently asked question at Fireproof screenings is, "Where can I get The Love Dare book?"

Written by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, The Love Dare was released in paperback by B&H Publishing on September 26 to coincide with the movie release. A deluxe "Legacy Edition" of the book will be available in January 2009.

The Love Dare is a forty-day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love. It is designed to help couples study a unique aspect of the nature of love everyday and be given a dare that helps them implement it in marriage.

Study topics include:

A breakdown of the most famous biblical passages on love.

What to do when you feel like you have "fallen out of love."

Understanding the difference between following and leading your heart.

Keys to consistently giving and receiving love.

While the movie, Fireproof, fuels the desire for this book, the statistics fuel the desperation people feel. Married couples have become a minority, and studies show that 50 percent of people will be divorced at least once in their lifetime — both inside and outside of the church — a statistic that illustrates the general lack of understanding of covenant love.

It's no secret that marriages everywhere are in crisis. Every person who sees the film has been touched by marriage, and often by divorce, whether it is in their own marriage, their parents, children, relatives, friends, or coworkers. When the destruction of a broken marriage strikes close to home, people look for a remedy, a tool, a vehicle to facilitate restoration and healing. The Love Dare is designed to be a tool that will help all marriages — whether just starting out or celebrating golden anniversaries.



Meet the Creators

Alex Kendrick is associate media pastor at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. He is also an actor, writer, and director whose film credits include Flywheel and Facing the Giants. Alex and his wife have five children.

Stephen Kendrick is a senior associate pastor of preaching at Sherwood Baptist Church, and an accomplished screenwriter and producer. He and his wife have three children.



To learn more about the feature film Fireproof, visit FireproofTheMovie.com. For helpful marriage resources, visit FireproofMyMarriage.com.

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