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Freedom from the Drug Tragedy

For years, Christians have abdicated our rightful role in providing a solution for the drug problem that is destroying so many lives. Instead, we have asked the government to rescue us from this curse. Their strategy has called for new prisons, more law enforcement officers, and stronger laws. As a result we've only seen a measure of temporary relief through expensive interdiction efforts. These efforts have clearly failed.

We proclaim from our pulpits and in our witness that Jesus Christ is the solution to every problem — and rightly so. It follows, then, that victory over drug abuse and addiction can only be realized when Jesus Christ changes the person's heart. For this reason Christians should rush to the front lines in the battle against this social plight. Indeed, Southern Baptists, the largest evangelical denomination in the U.S., should be leading the way.

Beginning with the October issue of SBC LIFE, Ted G. Stone and Philip D. Barber will present a strategy for Southern Baptists and other concerned Christians to become involved in promoting the true solution to this agonizing problem.

The series will be entitled "Freedom from the Drug Tragedy." The October issue will consider "Victory through Understanding," November — "Victory through Treatment," December — "Victory through Prevention," and January 2002 — "Victory through Example."

Stone has ministered in the area of drug abuse recovery for more than twenty-four years, speaking in more than 2,500 Southern Baptist churches and in thousands of schools. Author of Somebody Special in 1984 and The Drug Tragedy — Cost, Cause, and Cure in 1987, he has walked across America three times to promote the active involvement of American citizens in solving the drug problem.

Barber has joined Stone in his ministry efforts, serving as assistant to Stone on his last two cross-country walks and co-authoring with Stone two books: The Drug Tragedy — Hope for the One Who Hurts and The Drug Tragedy — Hope for the One Who Cares. James T. Draper, Jr., president of LifeWay Christian Resources, calls the books "much needed tools in fighting drug abuse." The two crusaders also write a monthly column for Baptist Press.

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