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God is Paging Us!

Here's a FAITH story from a sister church about a man's old liver that got him a new heart.

Our church has completed three semesters of FAITH and God has blessed in each semester. Although we are a small church, God is blessing in a big way! Because of our FAITH outreach ministry, Sunday School attendance and enrollment is up, baptisms are up, and there is joy in our membership that we are keeping the "main thing the main thing" which is reaching the lost. I want to tell you about one such example of God blessing our FAITH ministry.

A man and his wife had been attending our church — the wife was saved but the husband was lost. They had come for a number of weeks and seemed to have really enjoyed our church. After a week or two we sent a FAITH team by their home to explain the love of Jesus. We were certainly welcomed in their home, but it became obvious that this might be a seed-planting ministry visit instead of a harvest visit. Upon visiting with these dear people we learned that Roger was in need of a liver transplant. This first visit we found that Roger was more interested in the physical needs than the spiritual needs. Roger thought that since he was a pretty good guy that he would be okay spiritually.

Those who knew Roger and his condition began to pray for him, both physically and spiritually. A couple weeks later, following the leadership of the Lord, we sent a FAITH team back to Roger's home. Again we were welcomed into the home. As we began to talk I sensed that something was wrong. Roger had been given a pager from the Mayo Clinic and was told when the pager went off to first phone the clinic and then to get to the clinic as soon as possible to begin the transplant. The pager went off. However, when Roger called the clinic, to his disappointment, he was told that the Mayo Clinic did not page him and that the pager must have malfunctioned. I could see that Roger and his wife were both disappointed by the news.

Our FAITH team decided we were not going to leave that home until we were able to tell Roger about the love of God — the most important news of all. We explained to Roger that since God created the human body He certainly is capable of fixing it when it breaks. However, that God wants to "heal" us spiritually first. When we got to the "T" for "turn" in the FAITH outline, I asked Roger when that pager went off accidentally what number by chance appeared. He said, "Nothing really important, just the number 777." After explaining briefly the significance of the number "7" in the Bible, I said to him, "Roger, God is paging you. He wants you to trust Him." Our FAITH team saw this dear man with tears coming down his cheeks, pray and receive Christ as his Savior. What a wonderful joy it was to see him trust the Lord!

It was only a few days later, after God gave him a new heart, that the Mayo Clinic gave him a new liver. It was a few months after the surgery that I had the privilege of baptizing this new brother in Christ. The angels in heaven are rejoicing over the soul that was saved…all because of God's power and a pager!

The Lord Jesus truly does have the power and the pager but He's still looking for people like us to carry the message of faith! God is paging us, too!

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  • Bobby Welch