America's Hometown Porn Dealer

Movie Gallery is the nation's third largest video rental chain. Many of the company's stores nationwide offer hard-core pornographic movies, often found in "back rooms."

Mike Herring, Senior Vice-President of Movie Gallery, has repeatedly indicated that money is the driving force behind the company's distribution of porn. He noted that, "while adult movies were being rented, other family movies were rented…. It's a matter of economics."

In 2000, American Family Association began a boycott of Movie Gallery. "It is having an impact," says Randy Sharp, special projects director. "Other companies are taking a hard look at their promotional partnerships with Movie Gallery and are backing away." These companies include Coca-Cola, NASCAR, and racing icon, Richard Petty, who ran a promotion with Movie Gallery in their stores, but regrets the contract decision after finding out about the stores selling pornography. Jim Hannigan, spokesperson for Richard Petty Enterprises, said "I can assure you he [Richard Petty] wants nothing to be involved with them [Movie Gallery]. He wouldn't want that at all."

Movie Gallery is also facing other problems with their pro-porn policy. In 2001, according to WorldNetDaily, a cashier at a Movie Gallery store in Mississippi was arrested for selling pornography to an undercover police agent. The law implicates store clerks, not management or corporations, just for doing their job. "But that is not enough," says Sharp. "Movie Gallery executives are getting filthy rich from filthy movies. The best remedy is to boycott all Movie Gallery stores and use economic pressure to force changes."

Sharp says now, more than ever, it is time for Christians to act in their communities. "We've seen a number of changes by businesses that deal with porn. When Christians get involved in fighting this social menace, companies clean up their act."

American Family Association, May 2002; WorldNetDaily.com., September 2001



Planned Parenthood's Web Poison

In an attempt to prevent America's youth from depending on "unreliable sources" for "life-saving" sexual health information, Planned Parenthood Federation of America has launched its Web site Teenwire.com to serve as the Internet's authoritative sex education destination.

Utilizing cartoon-like animation to depict sexually oriented issues in a "fun" manner, …the pro-abortion group assures young visitors that it's providing "sexuality and relationship information that you can trust."

The site offers teens a variety of interactive options that attempt to define a wide array of sexual health terms and issues that Planned Parenthood claims are "commonly misunderstood." Visitors are prompted to click a puzzle icon to play "Games," a movie camera to view "Movies," and a treasure chest to take "Quizzes."

Many of the games have pro-homosexual and bisexual messages as well. The only way to win the game entitled, "Jim Dandy and His Very Gay Day," is to agree with Planned Parenthood's pro-homosexual agenda. According to an animated alien that narrates the game, "Being gay is a little like being left-handed; it's not something that you choose, it's simply the way you are. And the way you are is perfectly fine, no matter which hand you write with, no matter who you're attracted to." In order to progress to the next level in this game, players are given unlimited opportunities to select the "correct" answer to questions such as: "People who are sexually attracted to people of both genders are often called…" Upon selecting "Bisexuals," teens are re-warded with the knowledge that: "Having crushes on and having sex with both guys and girls is perfectly normal. People who are attracted to people of both genders sometimes call themselves 'bisexual.'"

CNSNews, November 11, 2002

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