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Pro-Life Efforts Gaining Momentum

Survey Indicates Teens More Pro-Life Than General Population
by Michael Foust

American teenagers are more pro-life than the general adult population, a new survey by Gallup shows.

The survey of 517 teens ages 13-17 found that on every abortion-related question they are more conservative when compared to all adults in a separate Gallup poll.

Thirty-two percent of teens, but only 17 percent of all adults, said that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. Forty-seven percent of teens, compared to 55 percent of all adults, said abortion should be legal only under certain circumstances. Additionally, 19 percent of teens and 26 percent of adults said abortion should be legal in all circumstances.

The findings mirror other research of recent years showing that teens are more pro-life than other adults.

Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said such findings are an "encouraging sign" that eventually will lead to "victory" for the pro-life cause.

"We're winning the struggle for hearts and minds," he told Baptist Press. "… The young people are more conservative than their parents."

Land said he believes teens are "mildly to moderately shocked at the attitudes and actions of their parents and grandparents."

Just as encouraging to pro-lifers, 72 percent of the teens in the survey said they believe abortion is "morally wrong." Twenty-six percent said it was "morally acceptable."

The August survey, released Nov. 18, was conducted through an Internet methodology using an online research panel that Gallup says is "designed to be representative of the entire U.S. population."


Pro-Life Causes and Laws Gaining A New Foothold
by Terry Phillips

A new study shines a light on the positive news in the fight against abortion.

Pro-life causes and laws are gaining a new foothold across the country, according to the public interest law and education group Americans United for Life (AUL).

From more money flowing to pregnancy resource centers to legislation banning late-term abortions, 2003 has been gratifying for those who oppose abortion.

Carol Everett, president of the Heidi Foundation — a pro-life center in Texas — said more women are looking at the life option first.

"In areas across the nation, our client load is increasing and doubling," Everett said, "and now it's time to start thinking about seeing five million women a year who need our help."

The AUL report cites legislative victories that brought abortion clinics under stricter standards. Everett said Texas began enforcing minimal health requirements on abortion clinics, and 40 percent closed their doors.

"One abortion provider literally said, 'I will not buy a new sterilizer. If these regulations go into effect, I will close my clinic.' And she did," Everett said.

Dr. Julie Parton, manager of the pregnancy resource ministry at Focus on the Family, offered a qualifying reminder about the upbeat report.

"While we do want people to be encouraged that our message is being heard and God's truth is penetrating peoples' thinking," Parton said, "we still mustn't think that we can just sit back on our hands, and that we can just relax now. Far from it."

In fact, Everett said 3,500 pregnancy resource centers are dramatically increasing their services.

"This is the time for Christians to get involved in the missionary outreach in their own area," Everett said.

Citizen Link, September 2, 2003

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