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Protecting the Unborn

The Southern Baptist Convention, in its 1982 session, clearly stated its opposition to abortion and called upon Southern Baptists to "work for appropriate legislation and/or constitutional amendments which will prohibit abortions except to save the physical life of the mother, and that we also support and will work for legislation which will prohibit the practice of infanticide."

The 1984 Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution on abortion and referred to the Home Mission Board a motion "calling for establishment of additional crisis pregnancy centers."

The Home Mission Board established the position of director for Alternatives to Abortion Ministries in 1987. In 1998, the ministry name was changed to Alternatives for Life Ministries. These ministries provide help for those wanting to take long term positive steps to deal with the abortion issue. Through the director, the newly formed North American Mission Board (NAMB) offers personalized guidance, materials and training. Call 800-962-0851 for information about available resources.

Listed below are some facts you should know about abortion and how Southern Baptists are protecting the lives of the unborn.

• In the United States, one pregnancy in three ends in abortion.

• One baby is aborted every twenty seconds; 1.5 million every year.

• A crisis pregnancy center is an outreach ministry of local churches. It is placed in a neutral setting to be accessible and appealing to the general public.

• The center is staffed by a paid director and trained volunteers recommended by their pastors.

• It is a place of safety where all information is confidential and no condemnation is heard.

• It is a place where, because of Christ's love, there is concern for the mother as well as the preborn child.

Practical helps provided by crisis pregnancy centers include:
• Telephone hotline
• Free pregnancy tests
• Confidential counseling
• Education about preborn child development, abortion procedures, and abortion alternatives
• Meetings with a boyfriend, parents, or husband
• Referrals for good maternity care
• Maternity clothing
• Newborn baby clothing
• Baby food
• Baby furniture
• Referrals for housing for those who have no place to go, regardless of whether the mother places the child for adoption
• Referrals for community services, financial assistance, employment, medical assistance, educational opportunities, adoption, foster care for a minor mother to be and/or her baby, job training, ongoing counseling, and legal aid
• Postabortion counseling
• Training in parenting skills, people skills, and life skills
• Bible studies

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