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Race Matters

Racial reconciliation is the topic of a four-part Family Enrichment Series produced by the North American Mission Board for broadcast on FamilyNet in May. Race Matters focuses on the issues of racial reconciliation in America, especially in churches and among Christians.

"The idea for the programs is to show the positive side of racial issues," said Rosser McDonald, producer of the series. "We want the average Southern Baptist to draw from and grow from the spiritual growth of other races."

The series deals with more than just the black/white issues common in America. It also includes stories from Native Americans, Hispanics, former Muslims, and Messianic Jews. The first three programs highlight the lives of contemporary Christian singer Larnell Harris, Grammy-award winning gospel artist Shirley Caesar, and "Dean," a former Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) activist who now shares the gospel with Muslims and Jews. The fourth program is a panel discussion on ways churches can overcome racial prejudices.

FamilyNet is a television program service operated by the Broadcast Communications Group of NAMB in Ft. Worth, Texas. The Family Enrichment Series airs Friday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, and is designed for discipleship. FamilyNet affiliates can air the programs at alternate times. Check with local affiliate stations for viewing information.

"The underlying message to Race Matters is for Southern Baptists and other Christians to understand how God sees us versus how we see us," said McDonald. "The purpose is to encourage viewers to look deep inside themselves and understand what they think and believe with regard to racial prejudices. From there, the series will show how Christians can be reconciled to God on this issue and then reconciled to each other."

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