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Soul-Winning Commitment Day

TheBigDay.org site and downloadable resources

Most Christians understand the biblical imperative to tell others about Jesus, yet few regularly do so. A 2012 LifeWay Research study showed that 80 percent of Protestant churchgoers understand their evangelistic responsibility—but 61 percent haven’t shared their faith in Christ in the past six months.

The North American Mission Board hopes the upcoming "Soul-Winning Commitment Day" on October 6 can help Southern Baptist pastors raise the commitment level toward personal evangelism in their congregations.

"Soul-Winning Commitment Day, also called 'The Big Day,' is a customizable event churches can use to equip and mobilize every believer to make a commitment to share their faith," according to Al Gilbert, NAMB's vice president for evangelism.

Though the "Big Day" is set on the SBC calendar for the first Sunday in October, "churches can customize the emphasis to their own situation." Gilbert said. "Our hope is that all Southern Baptists will pray for their neighbors and share the Gospel with them."

Churches can find an assortment of resources at TheBigDay.org to help in planning and preparing for a soul-winning commitment emphasis.

"Whether or not pastors choose October for this emphasis is not as important as the idea of finding some time on the calendar when your church really celebrates and encourages personal evangelism," Gilbert said. "It'll transform every one of your ministries—and advance the Kingdom in the process."

Southern Baptists are encouraged to:

Pray for someone who doesn’t know Christ.

Pray by name for your neighbors and begin relationships with them. Gather with other believers in your neighborhood or at your church to pray together for non-Christian neighbors.

Invest in your non-Christian neighbor.

Spend some time getting to know your non-Christian neighbors. Look for opportunities to serve them in ministry.

Invite the person to a Gospel-centered event.

As you build relationships with your non-Christian neighbors, take advantage of opportunities to invite them to do something with you and your family. Speak naturally about your faith; lead in prayer over your shared meal. Church holiday events, such as Trunk or Treat, Fall-Fest, Thanksgiving services, Christmas pageants, Christmas Eve, or other Christmas-themed events also have natural "invitation" potential.

Share Christ with your neighbor.

God still uses the personal witnessing moment to lead people to faith in Christ. Present the Gospel with your prayed-for neighbor. Or take them someplace where the Gospel will be shared.


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