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Southern Baptist Convention: June 11-13, 1996

Tuesday Morning, June 11

8:15 Music for Inspiration – Adult Choir and Orchestra, John Walker, director, interim minister of music, Summer Grove Baptist Church, Shreveport, LA

8:30 Call to Order

Congregational Singing – John V. Glover, Jr., convention music director, minister of music, First Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

Prayer – Bobby D. Brewer, layman, First Baptist Church, Quitman, MS

8:35 Registration Report and Constitution of Convention – Lee Porter, SBC registration secretary, retired, Lawrenceville, GA

8:40 Committee on Order of Business (First Report) – James W. (Jim) Richards, chairman, director of missions, Northwest Baptist Association, Rogers, AR

8:45 Welcome – Leon Hyatt, retired, Pineville, LA

8:50 Response – Tony Rengifo, foreign missionary, Costa Rica

8:55 Announcement of Committee on Committees, Credentials, Resolutions, and Tellers

9:00 Theme Interpretation – "If My People … Called by My Name" – Larry D. Nail, pastor, First Baptist Church, Eldorado Springs, MO

9:10 Prayer for Revival – Tim Lafleur, BSU director, Nichols State University, Thibodaux, LA

9:15 Crossover New Orleans – Darrell W. Robinson, vice president, evangelism, Home Mission Board, Alpharetta, GA

9:20 Introduction of Motions and Resolutions

9:35 Commission on the American Baptist Theological Seminary Report – Stephen P. Carleton, secretary-treasurer, Nashville, TN

9:45 Executive Committee Report (Part 1) – Morris H. Chapman, president and chief executive officer, Nashville, TN

10:40 Southern Baptist Convention Canada Planning Group Report – Larry L. Lewis, president, Home Mission Board, Alpharetta, GA

10:45 Denominational Press Report – Herb Hollinger, vice president for convention news, Executive Committee, Nashville, TN

10:55 Woman's Missionary Union Report – Dellanna W. O'Brien, executive director, Birmingham, AL

11:05 Congregational Singing – Ragan M. Vandegriff, III, minister of music, First Baptist Church, Orlando, FL

11:10 Music – Lightshine, Ragan M. Vandegriff, III, director, First Baptist Church, Orlando, FL

Kate (Kitty) Henry Campbell, soloist, songwriter, Nashville, TN

11:20 President's Address – James B. (Jim) Henry, SBC president, pastor, First Baptist Church, Orlando, FL

12:00 Benediction – Joe Gebhardt, layman, Two Rivers Baptist Church, Nashville, TN

Tuesday Afternoon, June 11

1:00 Music for Inspiration – The Centurymen, Buryl Red, director, ministers of music of the Southern Baptist Convention

1:20 Congregational Singing – Price Harris, music evangelist, Shreveport, LA

1:25 Theme Interpretation – "If My People … Humble Themselves" – Ron Dunn, evangelist, Irving, TX

1:35 Prayer for Revival – Daniel Gage, evangelist, Houston, TX

1:40 Business – Committee on Order of Business (Second Report) – James W. (Jim) Richards

Introduction of Motions and Resolutions

1:50 Annuity Board Report – Paul W. Powell, president, Dallas, TX

2:00 Christian Life Commission Report – Richard D. Land, president, Nashville, TN

2:10 Congregational Singing – Danny Martinez, minister of music, Immanuel Baptist Church, Highland, CA

2:15 Committee on Nominations Report – Ronnie W. Rogers, chairman, pastor, Lakeside Baptist Church, Hot Springs, AR

2:25 Messenger Information Survey – David W. Atchison, SBC recording secretary, director, Turning Point Ministries, Franklin, TN

2:35 Election of Officers (First)

2:50 Executive Committee Report (Part 2) – Morris H. Chapman

3:50 Bold Mission Thrust Report – Ernest E. Mosley, executive vice president, Executive Committee, Nashville, TN

4:00 Congregational Singing – Richard (Dick) Thomassian, minister of music, Whitesburg Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL

4:05 Committee on Committees Report

4:15 Introduction of Motions and Resolutions

4:30 Election of Officers (Second)

4:45 Benediction – Larry D. Reagan, pastor, Hill Station Baptist Church, Goshen, OH

Tuesday Evening, June 11

6:00 Music for Inspiration – Marshall Kellam, music evangelist, Louisville, KY

Friends IV, gospel quartet, Nashville, TN

6:20 Congregational Singing – Mark Blankenship, director, music department, Sunday School Board, Nashville, TN

6:25 Theme Interpretation – "If My People … Pray" – Donald Whitney, assistant professor of spiritual formation, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO

6:35 Prayer for Revival – David Clark, layman, South Oaks Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, LA

6:40 Brotherhood Commission Report – James D. Williams, president, Memphis, TN

6:50 Election of Officers (Third)

7:00 Sunday School Board Report – James T. Draper, Jr., president, Nashville, TN

7:10 Sunday School Board Presentation

7:50 Congregational Singing – Rob Hewell, director, church music ministries, Arkansas Baptist Convention, Little Rock, AR

7:55 Committee on Order of Business (Third Report) – James W. (Jim) Richards

8:00 Theme Interpretation – "If My People … Seek" – Don McMinn, professional associate, Intimate Life Ministries, Irving, TX

8:10 Previously Scheduled Business and Introduction of Motions and Resolutions

8:15 Denominational Calendar Committee Report – Wade Burleson, chairman, pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Enid, OK

8:25 Benediction – Richard Vera, pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church at Riverside, Denver, CO

Wednesday Morning, June 12

8:30 Music for Inspiration – New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Chorus, H. Leroy Yarbrough, director, professor of choral conducting, New Orleans Seminary, New Orleans, LA

8:40 Congregational Singing – Byron Johnson, music director, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA

8:45 Introduction of Local Arrangements Committee – John R. (Jack) Wilkerson, vice president for business and finance, Executive Committee, Nashville, TN

8:50 Theme Interpretation – "If My People … Turn" – H. Paul Pressler, layman, First Baptist Church, Houston, TX

9:00 Prayer for Revival – Joe Strahan, pastor, Northside Baptist Church, Vicksburg, MS

9:05 Election of Officers (Fourth)

9:10 Radio and Television Commission Report – Jack B. Johnson, president, Fort Worth, TX

9:20 Congregational Singing – H. Leroy Yarbrough

9:25 Seminary Presentation and Reports – William O. Crews, president, Golden Gate Seminary, Mill Valley, CA; Mark T. Coppenger, president, Midwestern Seminary, Kansas City, MO; Charles S. Kelley, president, New Orleans Seminary, New Orleans, LA; Paige Patterson, president, Southeastern Seminary, Wake Forest, NC; R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president, Southern Seminary, Louisville, KY; Kenneth S. Hemphill, president, Southwestern Seminary, Fort Worth, TX

10:25 Congregational Singing – William J. Reynolds, distinguished professor of church music, Southwestern Seminary, Fort Worth, TX

10:30 Business – Committee on Order of Business (Fourth Report) – James W. (Jim) Richards

Introduction of Motions (Last Time)

10:40 Previously Scheduled Business

11:00 Committee on Resolutions (First Report)

11:05 Election of Officers (Fifth)

11:10 Music – Awaken America Singers and Band, Buster Pray, director, associate pastor of worship ministries, First Baptist Church, Springdale, AR

11:20 Convention Sermon – Ronnie W. Floyd, pastor, First Baptist Church, Springdale, AR

12:00 Benediction – Barbara O'Chester, director, Great Hills Ladies Retreat Ministry, Austin, TX

No Wednesday Afternoon Session

Wednesday Evening, June 12

6:00 Music for Inspiration – Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra, Larry Black, director, minister of music, First Baptist Church, Jackson, MS

6:25 Congregational Singing – Bill Cox, coordinator of volunteers in evangelism, Home Mission Board, Alpharetta, GA

6:30 Business – Committee on Order of Business (Fifth Report) – James W. (Jim) Richards

Election of 1997 Convention Sermon Preacher, Alternate, and Music Director

6:35 Home Mission Board Report – Larry L. Lewis, president, Alpharetta, GA

6:45 Home Mission Board Presentation

7:05 Congregational Singing – John S. Conrad, Foreign Mission Board, music ministry, Korea

7:10 Baptist World Alliance Report – Denton Lotz, general secretary, McLean, VA

7:20 Foreign Mission Board Report – Jerry A. Rankin, president, Richmond, VA

7:30 Zambian Acapella, singing ensemble, Zambia

7:40 Foreign Mission Board Presentation

8:55 Commitment Invitation

9:00 Benediction – June Cosby, layperson, Woodland Park Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN

Thursday Morning, June 13

8:30 Music for Inspiration – Tim Kaufman, music evangelist, Winter Springs, FL

Gwen Williams, soloist, New Orleans, LA

8:50 Congregational Singing – Carlo Sciara, Jr., bivocational music director, Faith Baptist Church, Clayton, LA

8:55 Theme Interpretation – "If My People … Then I Will" – John Avant, pastor, Coggins Avenue Baptist Church, Brownwood, TX

9:05 Prayer for Revival – Clark Fooshee, bivocational pastor, Sweet Spirit Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX

9:10 Historical Commission Report – Slayden Yarbrough, interim executive director, Nashville, TN

9:20 Memorial Service – W.A. Criswell, senior pastor emeritus, First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

9:25 Education Commission Report – Stephen P. Carleton, executive director, Nashville, TN

9:35 Southern Baptist Foundation Report – Hollis E. Johnson, III, president, Nashville, TN

9:45 Stewardship Commission Report – Ronald E. Chandler, president, Nashville, TN

9:55 American Bible Society Report – Eugene Habecker, president, New York, NY

10:05 Congregational Singing – Jim Watson, minister of music, Germantown Baptist Church, Germantown, TN

10:10 Introduction of Past Presidents – James B. (Jim) Henry

10:15 Presentation of Outgoing SBC Officers – Morris H. Chapman

10:20 Presentation of Newly Elected SBC Officers – James B. (Jim) Henry

10:25 Previously Scheduled Business

10:35 Committee on Resolutions (Final Report)

10:50 Congregational Singing – John V. Glover, Jr.

10:55 Music – Greater Vision, gospel trio, Morristown, TN

11:05 Testimony – Rick Scarborough, pastor, First Baptist Church, Pearland, TX

11:20 Message – Bill McCartney, founder, Promise Keepers, Denver, CO

12:00 Prayer for Revival and Benediction – Frank Whitaker, pastor, First Baptist Church, Lake Wales, FL

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