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State Convention Roundup

The Cooperative Program percentages below reflect what the state conventions approved for 1999. In some cases, however, they may not reflect what the SBC Cooperative Program will actually receive due to adjustments for "Preferred Items."

o President: Buddy Gray, Pastor; Hunter Street Baptist Church; Birmingham, Ala.
o CP percentages: SBC 42.3% / State 57.7%
o Resolutions: Opposing lottery gambling; affirming Southern Baptist seminaries, Christian civic responsibility, and ministers

o President: Jim Hamilton, Pastor; Muldoon Road Baptist Church; Anchorage, Alaska
o CP percentages: SBC 33% / State 67%
o Noteworthy: Beginning a three-year partnership with Far East Russia

o President: Paul Kinnison, Pastor; Grand Canyon Baptist Church; Grand Canyon, Ariz.
o CP percentages: SBC 20% / State 80%

o President: Greg Kirksey, Member; The Church at Rock Creek; Little Rock, Ark.
o CP percentages: SBC 41.77% / State 58.23%
o Resolutions: Affirming local church autonomy; priesthood of the believer; evangelism

o President: Roger Spradlin, Pastor; Valley Baptist Church; Bakersfield, Calif.
o CP percentages: SBC 29% / State 71%
o Resolutions: Supporting biblical portrait of marriage; establishing Covenant Marriage legislation; Committee on Moral Concerns
o Noteworthy: Constitution and bylaw changes including the convention purpose statement and election of board member by region, which coincides with the delivery of state convention resources through nine regions

o President: James Vaughn, DOM; Grand Valley Baptist Association; Grand Junction, Colo.
o CP percentages: SBC 29% / State 71%
o Noteworthy: Record Cooperative Program receipts; record budget; returned WMU to department status (CBGC); honored Sydney Portis for 28 years with state WMU upon retirement

o President: Ron Rich, Pastor; Riverwood Baptist Church; Birmarck, N.D.
o CP percentages: SBC 14% / State 86%
o Noteworthy: Elected W. D. "Doc" Lindsey as executive director/missions director

o President: Mattie A. Robinson, Member; Shiloh Baptist Church; Washington, D.C.
o CP percentages: SBC 35% / State 65%#
o Noteworthy: Changed constitution to add an alignment with the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. to the District of Columbia Baptist Convention's existing alignment with the Southern Baptist Convention and the American Baptist Convention

o President: Elroy Barber, Pastor; Westside Baptist Church; Hollywood, Fla.
o CP percentages: SBC 40% / State 51.75%
o Preferred items: Church Pastoral Aid (5%), Church Annuity (3.25%)
o Noteworthy: Approved expansion of child care ministries by establishing campuses in Jacksonville and Pensacola, expansion of senior adult/retirement center ministries

o President: J. Gerald Harris, Pastor; Eastside Baptist Church; Marietta, Ga.
o CP percentages: SBC 43.87% / State 43.87%
o Preferred items: "Shared Responsibilities" planned and funded by GBC (12.26%)
o Resolutions: Regarding property tax exemption; concerning President Clinton

o President: Stephen D. Murphy, Pastor; Olivet Baptist Church; Honolulu, Hawaii
o CP percentages: SBC 31.5% / State 68.5%
o Resolutions: Opposing legalized gambling; urging Christians to pray for and support persecuted Christians around the world

o President: Roger Marshall, Pastor; First Baptist Church; Effingham, Ill.
o CP percentages: SBC 41.25% / State 58.75%
o Resolutions: Including sanctity of marriage; homelessness/hunger; and school prayer
o Noteworthy: Creation of separate Board of Trustees for Baptist Children's Home and Board of Trustees for Baptist Foundation of Illinois

o President: Woody Cumbie, Pastor; Northside Baptist Church; Indianapolis, Ind.
o CP percentages: SBC 32.5% / State 67.5%
o Resolutions: Affirming Indiana Baptists as always faithful, supporting 1999 Indiana Billy Graham Crusade
o Noteworthy: New 3-year partnership with Spanish Highlands in Guatemala

o President: Mike Carlson, Pastor; Calvary Baptist Church; Indianola, Iowa
o CP percentages: SBC 25% / State 75%
o Resolutions: Committing to pray for associational search committees seeking associational missionaries/church starter strategists

o President: Don Lacy, Pastor; Calvary Baptist Church; Valley Center, Kan.
o CP percentages: SBC 31.25% / State 68.75%
o Resolutions: Supporting crisis pregnancy centers and their volunteers, godly families; a call to prayer for elected officials
o Noteworthy: President Lacy challenged messengers to start 210 new churches by 2010

o President: Charles Barnes, Member; Hurstbourne Baptist Church; Louisville, Ky.
o CP percentages: SBC 35.244% / State 64.756%
o Resolutions: Supporting hunger relief to Russia; lowering the legal limit of intoxication while operating a motor vehicle; limiting beer advertising at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games
o Noteworthy: Affirmed partnerships with Tanzania, Poland, and New Zealand

o President: Robert Anderson, Pastor Emeritus; Parkview Baptist Church; Baton Rouge, La.
o CP percentages: SBC 35% / State 65%
o Resolutions: Opposing gambling; supporting religious freedom; urging prayer for elected officials; and encouraging efforts to fight illiteracy in the state

o President: James McBride, DOM; Delaware Baptist Association; Dover, Del.
o CP percentages: SBC 41% / State 59%*
o Preferred items: Expanded Annuity
o Resolutions: Condemning "harvesting fetal tissue for research" and supporting sanctity of life; opposing homosexuality, gambling, euthanasia, pornography, and apathetic Christianity

o President: George Fountain, Pastor; Raisinville Baptist Church; Monroe, Mich.
o CP percentages: SBC 28% / State 72%
o Resolutions: Opposing physician assisted suicide; supporting the NAMB call to prayer and fasting for November 12-14; suggested preparation for ministry and bold witness by the church to the community as the potential Y2K computer crisis nears
o Noteworthy: Survey of messengers and guests in regard to possible name change

o President: Phil Smith, Member; Glen Lake Baptist Church; Minnetonka, Minn.
o CP percentages: SBC 26% / State 74%
o Noteworthy: Extended their partnership with Brazil's Amazona State Convention for two years; established a 21st Century Strategy Development Committee

o President: Dean Register, Pastor; Temple Baptist Church; Hattiesburg, Miss.
o CP percentages: SBC 37% / State 63%*
o Preferred items: Directly funded missions: home mission work in Mississippi (.95%); international missions (World A-nations where missionaries are not officially allowed to go) (.5%); international partnership missions (.5%); North American partnership missions (.5%)
o Resolutions: Appreciation of assistance given by volunteers to the victims of Hurricane Georges on the Mississippi Gulf Coast; opposing gambling

o President: Gary Taylor, Pastor; First Baptist Church; O'Fallon, Mo.
o CP percentages: SBC 35.75% / State 58.25%*
o Preferred items: Annuity and insurance (3.4%), Word and Way (2.1142%), SBC/MBC promotion (.4858%)
o Resolutions: To ratify, affirm, and adopt the resolution on racial inclusion adopted by the executive board of the Missouri Baptist Convention; supporting Baptist World Alliance, hunger ministry; opposing religious persecution; affirming home-based education while commending godly men and women who teach in public and private classrooms
o Noteworthy: Installed Dr. James L. Hill as Executive Director

o President: Daniel Lambert, Pastor; Easthaven Baptist Church; Kalispell, Mont.
o CP percentages: SBC 22% / State 78%*
o Preferred items: Annuity, retirement, stewardship promotion

o President: Russ Daines, Pastor; El Camino Baptist Church; Las Vegas, Nev.
o CP percentages: SBC 27% / State 73%
o Noteworthy: Celebrated its 20th constituting convention anniversary; received 21st Century Task Force report

o President: Randy Fearon, Pastor; Fellowship Baptist Church; Hanover, Maine
o CP percentages: SBC 79% / State 21%*
o Preferred items: Church Annuity Plan Allocation ($15,000)
o Resolutions: Committing anew to prayer

o President: Joseph Bunce, Pastor; First Baptist Church; Bloomfield, N.M.
o CP percentages: SBC 30.5% / State 69.5%*
o Preferred items: Convention retirees insurance ($26,000) and ministers retirement ($51,000)

o President: Edward Hatcher, Pastor; Central Hunterdon Baptist Church; Flemington, N.J.
o CP percentages: SBC 24% / State 76%
o Resolutions: Condemning racism; condemning abortion and violence against abortionists
o Noteworthy: Installed Jerry Boyd Graham as executive director/treasurer; attained the convention budget for the first time in eleven years

o President: Donald McCall Brunson, Jr., Pastor; Green Street Baptist Church; High Point, N.C.
o CP percentages: SBC 32% / State 68%#
o Resolutions: Opposing state lottery and the sale of alcoholic beverages

o President: Don Reeves, Pastor; Grant Avenue Baptist Church; Corvallis, Ore.
o CP percentages: SBC 31% / State 69%*
o Preferred items: State convention building debt ($145,000)
o Resolutions: Encouraging governmental representatives to end religious persecution

o President: Ron Mitchell, Pastor; First Baptist Church; Huber Heights, Ohio
o CP percentages: SBC 40% / State 60%
o Resolutions: Supporting families and LifeWay Christian Bookstores

o President: James M. Robinson, Pastor; First Baptist Church; Clinton, Okla.
o CP percentages: SBC 40% / State 60%
o Resolutions: Supporting persons of high moral character in public office and opposing violence as a response to contemporary moral issues
o Noteworthy: Approved $25,000 of BGCO disaster relief funds through IMB to Central America for devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch. An additional offering of $5,843.60 was given.

o President: Pat Colladay, Pastor; Dallas Baptist Church; Dallas, Pa.
o CP percentages: SBC 23.75% / State 76.25%

o President: Dick Lincoln, Pastor; Shandon Baptist Church; Columbia, S.C.
o CP percentages: SBC 40% / State 60%
o Resolutions: Opposing gambling; and strengthening marriage
o Noteworthy: Voted to participate in the 75th anniversary celebration of the Cooperative Program in 2000

o President: Larry Gilmore, Pastor; College Heights Baptist Church; Gallatin, Tenn.
o CP percentages: SBC 37.5% / State 62.5%*
o Preferred items: Expanded Church Annuity Plan (state pays $635,125 and SBC is charged $635,125)
o Resolutions: Opposing expansion of legalized gambling in Tennessee; affirming the respect and value of all human life

o President: Russell H. Dilday, Jr., Member; Park Cities Baptist Church; Dallas, Texas
o CP percentages: SBC 33 / State 67%#
o Resolutions: Affirming "Biblical Equality" in response to Baptist Faith and Message; urging Texas legislature to pass legislation making life without parole "a viable sentencing alternative for Texas juries;" opposing gender-based apartheid; and opposing tuition vouchers for parochial education

o President: Stan Coffey, Pastor; San Jacinto Baptist Church; Amarillo, Texas
o CP percentages: SBC 50% / State 50%
o Resolutions: Affirming the "family" amendment the Baptist Faith and Message; affirming sanctity of human life; affirming biblical lifestyle opposing homosexuality as a lifestyle; opposing the ordination of women
o Noteworthy: Ratified a constitution and bylaws; called James W. (Jim) Richards as the convention's first executive director; elected the first convention president, Dr. Stan Coffey

o President: Keith Markham, Pastor; Mountain View Baptist Church; Layton, Utah
o CP percentages: SBC 21% / State 79%

o President: William E. Watson, Member; Farmville Baptist Church; Farmville, Va.
o CP percentages: SBC 36% / State 64%#
o Resolutions: Affirming "biblical principles that undergird the sanctity of marriage"

o President: Kelly J. Burris, Senior Pastor; Kempsville Baptist Church; Virginia Beach, Va.
o CP percentages: SBC 50% / State 50%
o Resolutions: Affirming the new article on family in the Baptist Faith and Message
o Noteworthy: Adopted partnership with New Hampshire Baptist Association

o President: Kenneth Stidham, Pastor; Good Shepherd Southern Baptist Church; Scott Depot, W.Va.
o CP percentages: SBC 36% / State 64%
o Resolutions: Opposing expansion of gambling in West Virginia

o President: Jim Starr, Member; Emmanuel Baptist Church; Rock Springs, Wyo.
o CP percentages: SBC 30% / State 70%

o President: Mr. Clare Cremer, Member; Garden Park Baptist Church; Winnepeg, Manitoba
o CP percentages: SBC 20.5% / Canada 79.50%
o Resolutions: Endorsing the work of the North American Mission Board, the International Mission Board, and LifeWay Christian Resources in their relationships with Canadian Southern Baptists.
o Noteworthy: Elected Gerald Taillon to serve as National Ministry Leader (Executive Director-Treasurer); endorsed the document "Canada Strategy Transition" which was presented and signed at the Southern Baptist Convention in Salt Lake City.

* "Preferred Items" are expended under the direction of the state convention. They are paid prior to the division of Cooperative Program monies between the Southern Baptist Convention and the state convention.

# Represents one of multiple giving options, some of which may reduce or eliminate the SBC Cooperative Program percentage.



The following state conventions and fellowships increased in 1999 the percentage of Cooperative Program funds forwarded to the Southern Baptist Convention: District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas/Nebraska, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania/South Jersey, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

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