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Ten Myths About the Conservative Resurgence

1. The conservative renaissance in the Southern Baptist Convention was a raw grab for political power — the "outs" against the "ins."

2. Widespread busing of messengers occurred in order to win the convention votes.

3, The conservatives had compiled an enormous war chest of funds with which to promote their cause.

4. Wide-scale taping of seminary classes was ordered by the leaders of the conservative resurgence. The students then mailed those tapes, or brought them, to a "war room" at First Baptist Church in Dallas.

5. There have been mass firings as a result of the conservative revival.

6. There may have been some problems in our convention, but they were certainly not theological.

7. The Priesthood of the Believers means that a person is entitled to believe anything that he wants to believe and still be called a Christian or a Baptist.

8. The leaders of the conservative revival are out of step with Baptist leaders of yesteryear.

9. "Pastoral authority" according to the leaders of the conservative renaissance means "pastoral dictatorship" and somehow violates the doctrine of the Priesthood of the Believer.

10. No harm has ever resulted from the failure to insist on confessional purity in the institutions spawned by Baptists.

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  • Paige Patterson