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Watch the Dallas Cowboys Sideline!

The tour hostess continued to speak as she directed our group around the top of the gigantic stadium.

"When you watch a football game televised from the Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium you cannot miss the Lone Star of Texas in the center of the field at the fifty yard line." She pointed and continued to speak, "Now locate the tip of the single point on the star. An imaginary line from that tip will take you to the Cowboys' sideline and on up to the owner's personal sky box.

"However, that same imaginary line now points to a place very personal to me. See the Cowboys bench just to the left of the imaginary line? Right there, on the end of that Cowboys bench at the fifty yard line, is where twenty minutes ago someone on this tour shared F.A.I.T.H. with me and I bowed my head and asked Christ to forgive me of my sins and save my soul. I'll never look down on that Dallas Cowboys Lone Star the same way again. It is sorta' like 'The Cowboys Compass' that points toward Christ coming into my life!"

Lawrence Phipps and I had shared F.A.I.T.H. with her, she accepted Christ, and now twenty minutes later she is a radiant witness of the love of Christ to our tour group! Of all places…on the end of the Dallas Cowboys bench!

Christ's compass that points people to the saving gospel is not only no respecter of persons, it is also no respecter of places! No matter where you are going today and this week, the Holy Spirit is pointing you in the direction of someone who needs to know the love of Christ.

A great New Year's commitment would be, "Dear Lord, I want to be more of an intentional witness for you regardless of where I find myself." By the way, I just made that very commitment myself! Join me?

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