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It's Wednesday night, and you're working on a wonderful pre-prayer meeting meal. You're just about to dispose of your delicious dessert when Mr. Gallant taps you on the shoulder. "Preacher Grissom, you know what our problem is? We got too many young people coming into this church from other denominations. They don't know the first thing about Baptist history. You've got a lot of books in that study of yours. I bet you know a lot about Baptist history. I know we don't have time to cover it all, but why don't you share with us some of the things that are important?" Below is the test given by Preacher Grissom at the end of his lecture.

Baptist History 101 – Test 1

Short Answer

1. First corresponding secretary of the Woman's Missionary Union, the Easter offering is named for her.

2. Established the foundation of modern Baptist preaching, "A Treatise on the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons."

3. Plan adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 1925 to finance missions work.

4. Baptist preacher who lobbied James Madison to introduce an amendment on religious freedom into the U. S. Constitution.

5. Midwestern professor who sparked controversy with his commentary, "The Message of Genesis."

6. Founded in 1707, it was the first Baptist Association in America.

7. Location of the first Baptist church in America.

8. The outstanding Greek scholar of his generation, a Southern professor who wrote A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Grammar.

9. Luther Rice is forever known for support of foreign missions. Who should be equally known for historic support of home missions?

10. The 1644 publication, "The Anabaptist Groundwork Found False," is significant because it introduced this term as a denominational label.

Multiple Choice

1. Person who became secretary of the Home Mission Board in 1882:
A. I. T. Tichenor
B. W. A. Criswell
C. Joseph M. Dawson
D. A. C. Dayton

2. Organizer of the 1845 constitutional convention in Augusta, GA, which led to the formation of the Southern Baptist Convention. He became the SBC's first president:
A. Lyndon B. Johnson
B. Morris H. Chapman
C. H. C. Veddar
D. William B. Johnson

3. Shubal Stearns was pastor of this Separate Baptist church. Often referred to as the mother of all Baptist churches in America, it was located in:
A. Charleston, SC
B. Providence. RI
C. Sandy Creek, NC
D. Memphis, TN

4. Baptist preacher from Kentucky whose ideas of "reform" established the Disciples of Christ:
A. Isaac Backus
B. Alexander Campbell
C. R. B. C. Powell
D. E. Y. Mullins

5. First professor of evangelism at any SBC seminary, later became president of Southwestern:
A. Ken Hemphill
B. L. R. Scarborough
C. Richard Fuller
D. I. E. Reynolds

6. Founder and first head of the present Southern Baptist Sunday School Board. When the SBC lacked funds, borrowed money from his wife to help start the agency:
A. Theodosia Ernest
B. James M. Pendleton
C. James Sullivan
D. J. M. Frost

7. Tennessee state paper editor, advocate for Landmarkism:
A. J. R. Graves
B. John Gano
C. J. Frank Norris
D. Francis Wayland

8. The 1925 Southern Baptist Convention adopted a confession of faith primarily due to concerns over:
A. the authority of scripture
B. evolution
C. local church autonomy
D. Landmarkism

9. Prior to the American Revolution, Baptists were most likely to go to jail for preaching in:
A. Massachusetts and Rhode Island
B. Pennsylvania and Virginia
C. Massachusetts and Virginia
D. Pennsylvania and Rhode Island

10. The disagreement in the 1840's between Southern Baptists and Northern Baptists was rooted in all but one of the following concerns. Which one:
A. Southern dissatisfaction with the policies of the American Baptist Home Mission Society
B. North tendencies toward centralized church authority
C. Increase in abolition sentiment in the North
D. Increase in pro-slavery sentiment in the South




Short Answer

1. Annie Armstrong
2. John A. Broadus
3. Cooperative Program
4. John Leland
5. Ralph Elliott
6. Philadelphia Association
7. Providence, RI
8. A. T. Robertson
9. John Mason Peck
10. Baptist

Multiple Choice

1. A – I. T. Tichenor
2. D – William B. Johnson
3. C – Sandy Creek, NC
4. B – Alexander Campbell
5. B – L. R. Scarborough
6. D – J. M. Frost
7. A – J. R. Graves
8. B – evolution
9. C – Massachusetts and
10. B – Northern tendencies toward centralized church authority

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