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Who’s Your Daddy?

Not long ago I was at a hamburger place in Wichita Falls, Texas, drinking a Diet Coke. I had a few extra minutes and was looking over my notes for a message that night. In a booth next to me were a young boy and his dad — or his stepdad — I wasn't sure which. I had the feeling that it was one of those court-ordered Sunday-afternoon-with-dad days. Things were not going well. It seemed like it was an afternoon outing and the young boy would be returned to his mom later that afternoon. Things were tense and nothing was going right.

As you can see, I was eavesdropping. He was telling his dad that he was doing well, but his dad was finding something wrong with everything. You might say that this young boy was looking to be blessed, but the dad was blasting instead. This little boy occasionally looked my way, and I smiled at him. I think he first noticed me when I closed my eyes to bless my food. The more he talked, the more he looked my way. I have noticed over the years that people seek a blessing, even from strangers.

Then the worst that could have happened did — he knocked his drink into his dad's lap. The man jumped up and started cursing at the boy. He tried to say it was an accident, just an accident, but his dad said he was stupid and it was his fault. The young boy looked back at me as if to say, "Can you help me, mister? I'm in a mess here and I don't know what to do." I didn't know whether to jump up or what — the man was big and looked like he was from a prison release program. I know I would rather be a coward for ten minutes than for them to say, "Doesn't he look natural."

As I looked down and saw my Diet Coke I remembered a Grady Nutt story about his spilling his drink. I did the only thing I could think of — I knocked my Diet Coke all over my table and into my lap. When the little boy saw me do that, he turned to his dad and said, "Look, Daddy, the big guy did it too, the big guy did it too!" The man looked at it and said, "The big guy did do it." It was as if all the tension in the room evaporated. They cleaned up their mess, and I was still cleaning mine — I had a big Diet Coke. As they were leaving, the little boy looked back at me. He never said a word but his eyes did. They said, "Thanks. If there is anything I can ever do for you, let me know." We were instant friends though we had never said a word to each other. I believe it began with the blessing and continued as I blessed him.

Life really is simple. There are two powers in this world. There is the power of Satan who never blesses, but always blasts; and the power of God ruled by our Heavenly Father, who when He had the opportunity to blast mankind at Calvary for all of our mistakes, He blessed. One kingdom blasts, one blesses. There is a country song titled Who's Your Daddy? Today, as you say your blessing, ask Him to bring someone into your life that you can bless and people will know who's your Daddy.

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  • Charles Lowery