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FIRST-PERSON: Praying for a new college missionary movement

TIGERVILLE, S.C. (BP) -- Historians call the final quarter of the 19th century the Gilded Age, a term originally coined by Mark Twain. It was an era characterized by unprecedented industrialization, spurred on especially by the expansion of the railroad industry. It was the age of tycoons, monopolies, mass immigration, rapid urbanization and significant wealth disparity.

Pennsylvania churches become all things to win some at Easter

What does it take to fulfill the Great Commission? It’s not that complicated. On a basic level it takes love and compassion, time and a willingness to meet people where they are. For a bonus, toss in a little creativity.

Tennessee church’s kids ‘buy the farm’ for missions

GORDONSVILLE, Tenn. (BP) – New Middleton Baptist Church began a Kids on Mission program in 2017 in an effort to involve people of all ages in the church in missions.

Houston’s First shatters World Mission Offering goal

HOUSTON (BP) – The coalescing factor behind a record missions gift by Houston’s First Baptist church is that it truly was an act of worship by the entire congregation, said Senior Pastor Gregg Matte.

Near Caribbean volcano, Baptist’s bucket of water reaping benefits decades later

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent (BP) – Pastor Cecil Richards calls it "pure gold" – a missionary's 5-gallon bucket of water that led to his salvation after the 1979 La Soufriere volcanic eruption and yet inspires his ministry decades later as La Soufriere erupts again.

Virginia Baptists join fight against malaria to propel Ghana church planting movement

HENRICO, Va. (BP) – In its ninth year, a partnership between the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) and the Ghana Baptist Convention is looking to decrease the number of malaria cases even more while increasing the number of church plants.

FIRST-PERSON: 5 benefits of developing a global missions partnership

HOUSTON (BP) – Sending global missionaries is one of my favorite topics of conversation with pastors and church leaders. Having been an international missionary myself, it always does my heart good when a pastor or church leader starts asking questions about how to get engaged in the Great Commission overseas.

FIRST-PERSON: For the greater cause – taking the Gospel to the world

NASHVILLE (BP) – Can you imagine what it must have been like when Moses was called into the presence of God on Mount Sinai? Moses heard God speak and experienced the glory and presence of God personally. After being with God for 40 days and 40 nights, God handed Moses two tablets of stone, which he had witnessed the finger of God inscribe.

Virtual mission trips build Gospel connections continents apart

RIVERSIDE, Cali. (BP) – Each summer, California Baptist University sends 30-35 teams and more than 300 students on missions throughout the world. The plans changed during 2020, of course, but still included sending the Gospel. The time, platform and number of participants may have been different for the Southern Baptist-affiliated school, but the goal of sharing Christ remained the same. 

Churches celebrate first Baptist missionary and Black 18th Century pastor George Liele Feb. 7

CHARLESTON, S.C. (BP) – It's not lost on First Baptist Church of Charleston Pastor Marshall Blalock that had Black missionary George Liele visited the church during his 18th century ministry, he would have been required to worship from the balcony.