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GCR Task Force Collection


Below is a comprehensive collection of Baptist Press’ coverage of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force. The reports and columns are subdivided into categories. Click on a headline to read the article.

GCR: Signers of document say ‘Great Commission Resurgence’ needed [2]
GCR: Tone, focus, clarity of declaration questioned by non-signers [3]
GCR: Merge mission boards, chairman of North American Mission Board says [4]
GCR: GPS rally cry will unite Southern Baptists around Great Commission [5]
GCR: My bloated bureaucracy [6]
GCR: ‘Great Commission Resurgence’ needs Great Commission partners [7]
GCR: Akin discusses its history, intent [8]
Hunt: SBC needed ‘shock’ of GCR declaration [9]
Vines signs GCR declaration ‘with caveats’ [10]
Hunt responds to GCR critics; Predicts SBC will OK task force [11]
SBC President Hunt urges ‘personal Great Commission resurgence’ [12]
Prayer requested for GCR/execs meeting [13]
FIRST-PERSON (Gerald Harris): GCR myths and transparency [14]
FIRST-PERSON (Danny Sinquefield): EKG is vital to resurgence [15]

Hunt names GCR task force members [16]
GCR task force overwhelmingly approved [17]
Hunt expresses urgency about Great Commission [18]
Motions: GCR task force endorsed [19]
WRAP-UP: SBC green-lights Great Commission Task Force [20]
Johnny Hunt adds 4 to GCR task force [21]
PROFILES: GCR task force members [22]

GCR task force leaders engage students [23]
GCR task force to meet twice in August [24]
Great Commission, not ‘old wars,’ will be focus of GCR task force, chairman says [25]
GCR website goes live at pray4gcr.com [26]
GCR Task Force chairman encouraged, burdened after group’s initial meeting [27]
GCR’s Floyd: Take ‘honest look’ at SBC [28]
GCR task force quizzed on range of topics [29]
GCR task force calls for input, prayer [30]
Ronnie Floyd holds Q&A session on GCR [31]
GCR Task Force making ‘enormous progress,’ chairman Floyd says [32]
GCR task force to issue progress report [33]
Floyd: IMB/NAMB merger not in GCR plan [34]
GCRTF: Strategy change a must for SBC [35]
GCR Task Force members, state execs meet [36]
GCRTF chair: CP ‘central, preferred conduit;’ Survey response: 77% would vote ‘no’ [37]
Floyd says GCRTF 100% and that GC-driven Southern Baptists will support report [38]
Panel recaps GCR prior to May 3 report [39]

State execs offer GCRTF their vision, views about SBC [40]
Hankins: Cooperation ‘key’ to resurgence; offers strategy to strengthen CP [41]
FIRST-PERSON (Joseph Bunce): GCR report — more questions than answers [42]
GCR report could put new work conventions ‘out of business,’ Mont. exec. says [43]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: ‘It would devastate us,’ Ala. evangelism director says [44]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Iowa executive director, ‘Before writing us off…’ [45]
GBC asks GCRTF to strengthen CP wording [46]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Calif. president & exec. bd. chairman support ‘bold new measures’ [47]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Ill. exec. on the challenges of a Great Commission Resurgence [48]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Cooperation missing — states excluded except to raise funds for national entities [49]
GCR could trigger ministry cuts in Mo. [50]
Ga. EC vote: CP ‘historical and proven’ [51]
Western execs concerned about GCR report [52]
SBC-Va. leaders issue open letter to GCRTF [53]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Kan.-Neb. exec. concerned about proposal [54]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Byron Day): Pill too big to swallow? [55]
Hankins comments on GCRTF session with state execs [56]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (David Tolliver): Receive all information; take honest look at ramifications [57]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Terry Robertson): Denominational employees should stop defending … a paycheck [58]
Ky. board: Cooperative Program ‘essential’ [59]
La. exec assesses GCRTF final report [60]

Great Commission Task Force chairman issues call for 5,000 prayer volunteers [61]
GCR chairman speaks to myths about work [62]
SBC PRESIDENT: Jan. 31, a day of prayer for the Southern Baptist Convention [63]
GCR chairman: ‘difficult decisions ahead’ [64]
Jan. 31 prayer day crucial, GCR’s Floyd says [65]
GCRTF NEWS: 4 new endorsements announced [66]
GCR report gets 5 new endorsements [67]
GCRTF issues ‘Seven Points of Prayer’ [68]
GCRTF NEWS: Graham, Sullivan among 5 new GCR endorsers [69]


GCR Task Force releases progress report at EC [71]
Big changes in store for NAMB, states conventions under GCR proposal [72]
GCR Task Force process discussed [73]
NAMB chairman responds to GCR proposals [74]
New paradigms needed, Rankin says [75]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Al Mohler on state cooperative agreements [76]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Glen Land on state cooperative agreements [77]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Danny Akin on GCRTF report [78]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Scott Brewer on GCRTF report [79]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Bob White on new name for SBC giving [80]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Norman Jameson on new name for SBC giving [81]
NAMB revises data to GCRTF [82]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Glen Land on Cooperative Agreements & accountability [83]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: NAMB, cooperative agreements essential for church planting & DR [84]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Be more radical; shut down NAMB, keep DR [85]
White paper details history of CP & stewardship promotion in SBC [86]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Seminaries lost more CP ‘purchasing power’ than state conventions [87]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: First draft has wineskins but not wine [88]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Observations of an evangelist [89]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT: What does Scripture say? [90]
FIRST-PERSON: Three questions for the GCR task force [91]
Floyd replies to ‘3 questions’ article [92]
Paper provides ‘Just the Facts’ about SBC structure, methodology & finance [93]
Delay GCR til 2011, Mo. board urges [94]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Kenneth S. Hemphill): Our need is deeper than structural changes [95]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Kenneth S. Hemphill): Valuing the work of state conventions [96]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Ken Hemphill): The solution is more sacrificial giving [97]
Q&A: EC’s Chapman discusses proposed cut [98]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Bob Terry): IMB deserves support, but gutting EC not wise [99]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Bob Terry) : CP — what has changed in 4 years? [100]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Jimmy Epting): EKG thrust, CP support & GCR report [101]

GCR Task Force lists 7 recommendations [102]
GCRTF issues ‘draft’ final report; substance of changes from progress report varies [103]
Task force report includes ‘challenges’ [104]
GCRTF members discuss final report [105]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Les Puryear): The ‘hypocrisy’ of ‘Great Commission Giving’ [106]
SBC EC’s Chapman states ‘grave concerns’ about harm to SBC’s Cooperative Program [107]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Larry Lewis): Task force recommendations not good for SBC [108]
GCR plan not a threat to CP, Floyd asserts [109]
As NAMB goes, so goes SBC, Driggers says [110]
FIRST-PERSON: GCR: Compelling Southern Baptists to settle the Lordship issue [111]
Lance: AL ‘a Great Commission convention’ [112]
SBTC committee affirms GCRTF report [113]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Joseph Bunce): One reason why I am a Southern Baptist [114]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Robert White): Great Commission Giving [115]
ANALYSIS: What Southern Baptists really think about the Cooperative Program [116]
TRUSTEES: Hunt, Floyd address NAMB [117]
Floyd: Approach GCR vote with ‘open heart’ [118]
Leo Endel: GCRTF may speed CP ‘crumbling;’ new works perspective needed [119]
Jimmy Jackson: Change should come from the bottom-up, not top-down [120]
Ted Traylor: GCR logical for CP resurgence; vision inspires giving [121]
Bryant Wright: Radically reprioritize CP funds; connect with young leaders [122]
Jackson harbors ‘serious concerns’ about GCR; Endel, Traylor & Wright reactions mixed [123]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Bob Terry): Needed: Worthy examples of CP support [124]
ANALYSIS: Are we serious about penetrating lostness? [125]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Steve Horn): An obedience problem, not an allocation one [126]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (John Loudat): The bright side of GCR [127]
PERSPECTIVE (Morris H. Chapman): The downside of the GCTF recommendations — would likely harm the SBC and its Executive Committee [128]
PERSPECTIVE (Morris H. Chapman): The Great Commission Task Force Final Report: An Analysis and Thoughtful Questions [129]
Open Letter to Southern Baptists about the GCRTF Recommendations [130]
‘A Better Way Ahead’ –- alternate recommendations released by EC’s Chapman [131]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Timothy Boyd): Emphasize equal sacrifice [132]
GCRTF Viewpoint (David Williams): The missing link of the task force report [133]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Randall Adams): Okla. Baptists’ Great Commission Resurgence [134]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Mark Coppenger): Groundhog Day or Chariots of Fire? [135]
GCRTF NEWS: GCR recordings to be closed 10 years [136]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (J.D. Greear): Why younger S. Baptists should pay attention [137]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Ernest J. Kelley): GCR plan sends SBC back to pre-1950s era [138]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Danny Sinquefield): The motivation behind the mission [139]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Bill Shiflett): You can be pro-Cooperative Program and pro-GCR [140]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Michael Watson): A likely GCRTF scenario [141]
GCRTF VIEWPOINT (Lonnie Wilkey): Us and them [142]
JOHNNY HUNT: In his own words [143]
BOBBY WELCH: A view of the crossroads [144]

FIRST-PERSON: It’s time for a visit from the Great Physician [145]
FIRST-PERSON: Starting a Great Commission Resurgence [146]