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GCRTF VIEWPOINT: Calif. president & exec. bd. chairman support ‘bold new measures’

FRESNO, Calif. (BP)–To Our Southern Baptist Brothers and Sisters:

What an amazing day it is to be Southern Baptists! The challenges before us are greater than ever; the Commission from our Lord is as strong as when He uttered the words to His disciples; and the power of the Holy Spirit is the same today, yesterday and forever. We must recognize that the challenge before us calls for new strategies, new forms, new wineskins.

We have heard the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Progress Report and we would like to respond from way out West. The argument can be made that we in California are among those who have the most to “lose” potentially from the recommendations. In terms of actual dollar amounts that is probably true. We recognize the huge effect this will have on us here in California. We know that changes will have to be made. With heavy, prayerful hearts we realize the impact and economic challenge this will be to real people — people whom we love and appreciate for their faithfulness to the Lord.

However, in spite of the obvious difficulties before us and because we share a concern for the lost of the world, we want to acknowledge our support of the Progress Report of the GCR TF. And we will continue to pray as they move toward the final report in May. These folks, led by Chairman Ronnie Floyd and President Johnny Hunt, are serving us well and are being truly visionary in their desire and willingness to lead us with bold new measures.

Yet before these bold new measures the GCR TF has recognized our greatest need … a true, God-given revival among His people. They have called on us to humble ourselves in brokenness and repentance before God. May He give us the grace to so do.

What will happen in California? We believe with all our hearts in the sovereign power of our great and glorious God. He is our Source, He is our Provider not Cooperative Agreements. He will give us wisdom in how to go forward. Whatever we might “lose” for the greater good of our partnership in the gospel we will “win” in our absolute dependence on the grace of God. Our prayer is that He will be glorified as all Southern Baptists come together for the taking of the gospel to a lost and dying world.
To Him be the glory now and forever, amen!
Dr. Walter Price, President
Dr. Rob Zinn, Chairman, Executive Board
California Southern Baptist Convention

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