MIDLOTHIAN, Va. (BP) -- Peter and Tina Kim know that Asians in the growing city of São Paulo, Brazil, are in a unique position. As second-, third- and fourth-generation immigrants, many Asians in São Paulo never quite fit into the culture of those around them. They don’t really fit the culture of their, or their parents’, countries of origin either.


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New Jersey church’s VBS shows those with disabilities they are ‘Created by God’

An attendee of LifeHouse Church's VBS shows off a leaf he made.

PENNSVILLE, N.J. (BP) – Benjamin Hankin, church planter and lead pastor of LifeHouse Salem County Church in Pennsville, New Jersey, never dreamed his congregation would have a budding disability ministry. It just happened. Rather, God ordained it. They even baptized a young woman affected by disability last month.


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