Aaron Earls

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Most pastors oppose marijuana use, legalization

NASHVILLE (BP) – As more Americans have access to legal marijuana, most U.S. Protestant pastors remain opposed to its use and legalization.

Pandemic altered U.S. churchgoers’ discipleship practices

NASHVILLE (BP) – Fewer churchgoers filled pews and Bible studies during the pandemic, but many still continued personal discipleship habits throughout 2020.

Americans’ views of life’s meaning and purpose are changing

NASHVILLE (BP) – As Americans attempt to move past the life-altering effects of 2020, their perspective is shifting on some of the most significant questions facing humanity.

Pastors, churchgoers tired but hopeful for Easter 2021

NASHVILLE (BP) – Working through a time of grief. Exhausted from what they’ve been through. Excited about what’s to come.

Churchgoers proud of church’s COVID-19 response

NASHVILLE (BP) – Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, churches responded to serve churchgoers in a variety of ways, and churchgoers are overwhelmingly proud of how their church handled the crisis.

U.S. Protestant pastors see gender change as immoral

NASHVILLE (BP) – As legislatures in Washington, D.C., and across the country discuss issues surrounding individuals who identify as a gender different from their biological sex, a clear majority of U.S. Protestant pastors see such gender fluidity as morally wrong.

U.S. churchgoers say they’ll return post-COVID

NASHVILLE (BP) – Churchgoers aren’t attending yet at pre-pandemic levels, but most say they value gathering with their congregation and are anxious to do so when the threat of COVID-19 ends.

Fewer churches held in-person services in January

NASHVILLE (BP) – Most churches have found a way to continue meeting despite the ongoing pandemic, but fewer met in person in January as COVID-19 cases spiked across the country.

Americans less optimistic about race relations, study shows

NASHVILLE (BP) – Fewer Americans believe our nation has made significant progress in race relations, and a majority say things grew worse under Donald Trump’s presidency.

Conspiracy theories prevalent in churches, new study finds

NASHVILLE (BP) – While Americans have been caught in a whirlwind of conspiracy theories the last several months, many pastors say they hear such unfounded claims from their church members.