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Americans most thankful for and to family this Thanksgiving

NASHVILLE (BP) – Even though the pandemic may change Thanksgiving celebrations this year, Americans still express thankfulness for their family and friends.

FIRST-PERSON: Limiting counseling hinders freedom

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP) – This year two local governments in Kentucky have passed legislation causing much concern for pastors and Christian counselors. These ordinances threaten the free speech and religious freedoms of those guided by their religious convictions.

FIRST-PERSON: The evaporation of empathy

A major consequence of the fact that the majority of us live on the internet is ever-increasing polarization. All kinds of ingredients have melded together to create the white-hot polarization so many of us feel, and one of the most prominent of those ingredients is the evaporation of empathy.

2 SBC entity leaders endorse NAE nonpartisan civic duty statement

WASHINGTON (BP) – At least two Southern Baptist entity leaders have signed a nonpartisan evangelical statement published Tuesday (Oct. 6) in the Washington Post promoting religious freedom, the sanctity of life and racial justice among other pursuits.

Alabama officials sued over voter registration form requiring ‘so help me God’ vow

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP/RNS) – A secular advocacy group has filed a federal lawsuit challenging a voter registration form in Alabama, arguing the state violates the constitutional rights of applicants by requiring them to declare "so help me God" when signing up to vote.

American Sign Language Bible translation completed after 38 years

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (BP) – After 38 years, the work of 53 translators is complete – a translation of the whole Bible into American Sign Language (ASL).

American Heritage Girls marks 25th anniversary

CINCINNATI (BP) – Ashley, one of hundreds at an American Heritage Girls' Meet the Founder event, stood quietly in line to meet Patti Garibay.

FIRST-PERSON: We have never been this way before

NASHVILLE (BP) – The Lord always prepares His people for the future He has for them. God sees the end from the beginning. Our God never panics and is always present with us in every moment.

FIRST-PERSON: Civility is not enough

NASHVILLE (BP) – I visibly cringe every time the word “civility” is used around me. I hate it. On the face of it, “civility” is one of those things that everyone supports – like “patriotism” or “family” or “honor.” But our civility is often limited to whether or not we agree with the other person. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am repelled by the word “civility” because it aspires to too little. We are called not to mere civility, but beyond civility to kindness. 

Southern Baptists, think carefully about your ways

NASHVILLE (BP) – Since the end of February 2020, I have carried a deep and increasing burden about the following things: