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BIBLE STUDY: God’s covenant with humanity

God has established the rainbow as a sign of His covenant with creation, a visible reminder that He will never again destroy the earth by a flood.

Lifeway teams up with the Kendrick brothers on ‘The Forge’ film resources

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (BP) – Lifeway Christian Resources has teamed up with filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick to provide a suite of new resources toaccompany their latest project, “THE FORGE,” which is scheduled to hit theaters August 23.

BIBLE STUDY: Serving together in Christ

The church is like a symphony orchestra where we all play together, but each instrument contributes uniquely. This is how we are to serve together in Christ. As all members exercise their distinct gifts, we minister to one another and to the world around us.

BIBLE STUDY: Real change for real sinners

While these passages can teach us many things, one thing should be clear: No matter how much we think we know about Jesus, He is more than we understand. That means we have the opportunity to grow deeper in our grasp of Him and fellowship with Him.

Bible Study: Jesus strengthens our faith in Him

Sickness. Addiction. Financial dilemmas. At some point, everyone struggles to believe life’s circumstances can change. We face a situation that never seems to get better. Often, we have done all we can to change, or improve, the situation, but it still remains. In desperation, we may turn to the Lord, but with faith that has grown weak. It’s not always easy to keep the faith when we see no alleviation of the problem.

BIBLE STUDY: Hearing and following Jesus

In John 10:11-14, Jesus compared Himself to a good shepherd who willingly dies for his sheep. Hired workers may run away when they see danger, but not Jesus. He knows His sheep, and they know Him. This description emphasized the personal relationship Jesus has with His followers.