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Teach Theology—Your Church Needs It

The 2022 biennial State of Theology study conducted by Lifeway Research revealed some troubling findings about what evangelicals say they believe.

Anyone Can Be Saved

“It can happen to anyone.” Have you heard this expression before? You may have said it to someone or maybe, someone said it to you when you made an uncharacteristic mistake, misunderstood someone’s direction, or overlooked something that was literally right in front of you.

Eight Things Your Church Website Needs to Have

While the two most important elements you need to have on the front page are the church address and service times, what else does a church website need?

Five Reasons Lead Pastors Should Be Involved with VBS

Few church programs are as ubiquitous as Vacation Bible School (VBS). Churches across all denominations prepare for the summer influx of kids. It’s fun. You get to dance in the sanctuary! It’s also fruitful. Kids are saturated with the gospel for a week. “I was saved at VBS” is a typical testimony I hear among adults.

A Primary Reason Some Young Adults Are Faithful in Their Spiritual Disciplines

For more than 30 years now, I’ve been teaching seminary students. Do you want to guess one common characteristic I see among young seminarians who are most seriously faithful in their spiritual disciplines? 

How to Leave a Legacy of Discipleship

The word legacy refers to anything that is handed down from the past. It can be property, money, good looks, talents—even behaviors such as disciplined routines or bad habits. The ones that come before us, leave behind good things and bad, right things and wrong. They are remembered for something that outlasts them. When it comes to parenting, the thought of leaving a legacy is somewhat terrifying for me!  

10 Ways to Lead a Great Team Meeting

Your ability to lead efficient and effective meetings directly translates into your ability to get people to attend and enjoy them. Here are a few suggestions to guide your planning, preparation and implementation for good ministry team meetings.:

10 Reasons Camp Matters for Your Church

Camp is a mountain top experience, a real spiritual marker in the lives of many campers who attend. Here's what group leaders and campers have to say about the impact of camp:

The Value of Vision in Leadership

The concept of vision in leadership is the subject of a plethora of books and articles. While often misunderstood and misapplied, leader vision is certainly a biblical concept and one that is vital for the godly influence of others.

Six Tips for Preaching in a Missional Context

On the ministry trip mentioned in my welcome letter, one of the highlights for me was preaching in the First Baptist Church of Cairo—yes, there is a congregation so named.

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