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How can we mobilize church members for missions?

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Last month, my church hosted an event called “Together for the Nations” put on by the International Mission Board (IMB). The purpose of this event was to introduce churches to the work of the IMB and encourage them to consider ways to join these mission efforts around the world. Several topics were addressed at this event, but the one from which I gleaned the most was about mobilizing God’s people for mission work. For pastors, few things are more exciting than mobilizing God’s people on a mission. But it can also be a daunting task to connect people to the right opportunity. 

Three things are critical to success as I consider my role in mobilizing people for missions.

Get to know people

First, one must get to know people well to connect them to mission opportunities. One of my main responsibilities as a pastor is to get to know the people I serve and help connect them to Christ and His Church. As a missions pastor, the better I know the people, the better I can connect them to meaningful mission opportunities that most closely match the unique gifts that God has given them.

Create a variety of opportunities

Second, one must create a variety of opportunities to connect as many people as possible to God’s mission. God’s people have a wide range of abilities, but they also have a wide range of availability.

Therefore, I must create opportunities to meet people where they are in hopes of getting more of them involved in God’s mission around the globe. My goal is to create projects that last from a few hours to a few weeks so that people will consider joining the efforts, no matter how busy they are.

Celebrate mission activities

Finally, in order to maximize mobilization within the church, one must celebrate mission activities on a regular basis. This can be done in numerous ways: 1) testimonies of those who have been on mission, 2) commissioning of individuals and teams who are going on mission, 3) special events that focus on both past and future mission opportunities, and 4) personally commending those who have given time, energy, and resources to missions. People replicate what you celebrate, so don’t overlook this critical aspect of mission mobilization!

Pastors, lead your people to take steps towards the mission God has called them to. Church members, consider where you fit into your local church’s mission efforts this year. May we work together to reach as many people as possible this year, all to God’s glory. Let’s commit to making 2024 one of the most extraordinary years of mission mobilization in Missouri and beyond!