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Bible Study: Jesus’ example of silence and solitude

As followers of Jesus, He has set for us the example of times of silence and solitude to commune with the Father. That Jesus practiced being alone with the Father provides adequate rationale for us to follow in His steps.

Bible Study: Loving Jesus intensely

Just as the woman in Luke 7 poured expensive perfume on Jesus' feet and wiped them with her tears and hair, all Christians can demonstrate their love for Jesus with great intensity.

Bible Study: Fasting to focus on Jesus

Fasting is more than just abstaining from food. Fasting is a way to keep believers focused on greater things than their immediate physical needs.

Bible Study: Say yes to God

Are you obeying God's call to action? On the other side of saying yes to God are the miraculous moments only faithful, obedient people get to enjoy.

Bible Study: Living by God’s Word

The psalmist's goal in Psalm 119:17-24 was not merely to know or understand God’s Word, but the psalmist passionately expressed obedience to God's Word as the very value of life.

Bible Study: Fight evil with mercy and grace

Even sinners will extend mercy to the merciful, but Jesus calls His followers to be merciful towards enemies. The way we treat others opens the door for God to work in that person’s heart, making us an extension of God’s mercy.

Bible Study: God sees, knows and cares when we’re depressed

In our moments of despair and depression, we may feel no one sees or cares; but God sees, knows and cares. God will set us free from the tight space of depressing thoughts and bring us to a spacious place.

Bible Study: Jesus Christ our godliness

For God’s glory and our good, Jesus was sent so we might share in a new “Jesus nature,” having been transformed and enabled to properly bear God’s image.

Bible Study: Habitat for divinity

God takes us residence within Christians. As He renews believers and makes us more suitable dwellings for Him, our relationship with Him grows in corresponding measure.

Bible Study: Savior, Messiah and Lord

Understanding Jesus as Savior, Messiah and Lord should impact the way Christians celebrate Christmas.