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Bible Study: Heeding God’s correction and guidance

Would you rather remain on wrong paths in life, or would you rather accept God's correction, change course and go the right way?

Bible Study: Stand on the Gospel in evil days

The Christian life is a spiritual battle, an open warfare for our allegiance. The apostle Paul provides weapons for the invisible, spiritual battle we face.

Bible Study: Jesus saves and satisfies

Jesus provides an eternal salvation that not only looks to the future, but provides sustenance that satisfies on the present journey.

Bible Study: Purposeful, powerful prayer

In "Purposeful Prayer," pastor Michael Catt confronts us with the reality that our prayer must have purpose -- not according to our wishes but according to God's intended and ordained purpose. We are powerless without prayer.

Bible Study: God’s wisdom or our own?

King Solomon emphasized that judgment awaits those who follow their own mind, but blessings comes from relying on God's wisdom. Human ingenuity will lead to death.

Bible Study: Standing firm amid suffering

Sherwood Baptist Church Pastor Michael Catt exhorts Christians in this week's Bible study to stand firm amid suffering, cherishing the certain hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Bible Study: Judgment God allows

We might look righteous to ourselves, but Jesus teaches that examining our own sin first is a prerequisite to judging others. Not only that, but keeping the law must flow from a heart submitted to the God who sees the heart.

Bible Study: Spiritual gifts for our good

God endows all Christians with spiritual gifts as He deems best, but He grants those gifts with certain guidelines aimed at benefitting bodies of believers.

Bible Study: Be kind to neighbors

As our confidence in God grows, so too should our desire to demonstrate kindness to neighbors, living in light of the blessings of God.

Bible Study: The Expression of Our Hope

Faith and hope in Christ transform our perspective so that life is no longer about what we can gain. Life becomes about how we love and serve God and others.