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Bible Study: Believing and confessing in Jesus

Inward belief and outward confession of Jesus as the Savior go hand in hand; they are two sides of the same coin. The result of believing and confessing is salvation.

Bible Study: Share the Gospel with everyone

As followers of Jesus, we should follow the non-discrimination policy the Apostle Paul practiced, sharing the Gospel no matter the recipients' ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs or social class.

Bible Study: Humility in the Beatitudes

Grasping Jesus' teachings in the Beatitudes requires understanding the true meaning of humility.

Bible Study: Do you accept Jesus?

Jesus is the cornerstone for those who accept him, but the millstone for those who reject Him. It all comes down to accepting or rejecting Jesus.

Bible Study: Empowered to do His will

The Holy Spirit comes into our lives to help us magnify the work of Jesus. The more time we spend listening to Him, the easier obeying His direction will become.

Bible Study: ‘My sheep hear my voice’

Since Jesus has called us by name, we have no excuse for failing to heed His commands. We have every reason to live with joy and hope, as Mary Magdalene no doubt did after He called her name on Easter morning.

Bible Study: Who do you say He is?

As Josh McDowell asks, "Who would die for a lie"? Doubting that Jesus is the resurrected son of God begs the same question.

Bible Study: Humility that recognizes His grace

If we want God’s grace, we must first see our need for His grace. We can then humbly approach God and seek the forgiveness we so desperately need, knowing that His forgiveness comes only through faith in His Son.

Bible Study: God’s image bearers

The most remarkable thing about humanity is that we were uniquely created in God’s image as His representatives on earth.

Bible Study: Go therefore and make disciples

When God first called disciples, the religious and ethnic pride of the chosen caused them to discriminate against the Gentiles. But God's vision was inclusive.