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FIRST-PERSON: Look out for these red flags when searching for a pastor

A red flag is a metaphorical warning sign. It signals a potential problem with a particular situation that will require attention to address. Red flags are everywhere. You can spot them in business situations, in relationships, and in emails that claim the sender wants to share their multi-million-dollar inheritance with you!

Nigeria remains deadliest nation for Christians

NORTHEAST NIGERIA(BP) – Watching Boko Haram behead her Christian father and leave her brother for dead in their Nigerian village has strengthened the faith of Manga, who practices Christianity in the deadliest nation for believers.

Bible Study: Dining with sinners

Jesus was willing to eat with those seen as righteous and with those seen as sinful. But His willingness to fellowship with everyone did not cause Him to compromise His principles.

SBC DIGEST: Mandrell addresses Midwest leaders; SBC Pastors’ Conference update

Mandrell urges ‘fierce optimism’ at Midwest summit; SBC Pastors’ Conference January update.

Jacki King reflects on family heritage, connection to Southern Baptist ministry

DALLAS (BP) – Long before leading the women’s ministry at her church and graduating from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Jacki King’s connection to Southern Baptist ministry began deep within her family’s heritage.

SBC DIGEST: Litton addresses Midwest leaders; ERLC explains Boston flag case

Litton salutes Midwest leaders at biennial summit; ERLC Explainer: The Boston flag case.

‘Living inside the cage’: Afghanistan tops Christian persecution list

SANTA ANA, Calif. (BP) – The Christian refugee hopped on one of the last flights out of Afghanistan to save his life and family. Since the Taliban regained rule there, Christians are hunted down and killed.

FIRST-PERSON: Three ‘unspokens’ of ministry families

About a year ago, I was walking with my wife, Lynley, through our neighborhood. After we caught up on events of the day, the topic of pastoral families came up.

God works among persecuted refugees, provides permanent resettlement

Tears streamed down Kara’s* face as she shared with her sewing class that her family declared her dead – disowning her because of her choice to follow Jesus. Her family told her she is “lucky to be so far away.”

SBC DIGEST: SBC EC holds ‘solemn assembly’; Pandemic leads to Gospel opportunities in Panama

At ‘solemn assembly,’ Executive Committee to focus on God’s will, nothing else; WEEK OF PRAYER UPDATE: Panamanian Christians see 42 new believers.