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Bible Study: Enduring God-sanctioned detours

As much as we want our detours to end yesterday, only God knows whether we are prepared for the destiny He has in store for us, or if the destiny is prepared for us.

‘Fill the Tank’ brings 1,600 baptisms in North Carolina

Elle Robinette wasn’t going to let being bound to a wheelchair prevent her from being baptized.

Basketball camp opens new Gospel opportunities for Massachusetts church

SUDBURY, Mass. (BP) – When First Baptist Church of Sudbury started its own summer basketball camp four years ago, members had no idea the Gospel opportunities that would arise from it. Lead Pastor Jay Ridenour said the church would typically host one week of “Vacation Bible Adventure” for about 100 kids each summer. But since […]

FIRST-PERSON: The Bible is God’s Word

FORT WORTH, Texas (BP) – Words matter. Without them, we cannot make claims or delineate truths. Sometimes, the claim we want to make or the truth we want to delineate focuses on just a single word. Indeed, a recent article illustrates the importance of the very word, “word.”

Churches prepare to meet Afghan refugee needs

NASHVILLE (BP) – Brandon Hembree remembers the moment Afghan refugees became a face instead of a number.

Bible Study: Unity forged through humility

Christian unity doesn’t simply happen, but is a by-product of humility. No one provided a greater example of humility than Jesus.

FIRST-PERSON: 5 things I’ve learned about children’s ministry and volunteers

Children’s Ministry is difficult in a lot of ways. It’s not even working with kids that makes it so challenging. Instead, having enough people ready and able to serve is the most difficult part.

Study: Good Bible engagement makes good neighbors

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (BP) – People who are rooted in Scripture tend to make better neighbors, the American Bible Society said in releasing the latest data from its 2021 State of the Bible report.

AWANA forum to discuss children’s ministry in a post-Christian culture

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (BP) – AWANA, the non-profit ministry focused on children’s discipleship, will host a Child Discipleship Forum this week in Franklin, Tenn., focusing on discipling in an increasingly secular culture.

Son leads 85-year-old father to Christ through online Bible study

NASHVILLE (BP) – Barry Calhoun opened the Bible study book on his desk and thought about Jesus’ parable of a man who refused to stop knocking on his neighbor’s door for help. It reminded Calhoun to say one more time the prayer he had been bringing to God for almost 40 years: “Lord, please save my dad.”