Diana Chandler

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‘Unapologetically pro-life’: Southern Baptists’ rocky road to Roe’s reversal

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (BP) – Michael Hamlet’s first sermon as senior pastor of First Baptist Church of North Spartanburg 38 years ago was on the sanctity of human life.

Juneteenth celebrations teach history, praise God for freedom

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. (BP) – Campus pastor Chris Ogden grew up in a “very white evangelical tradition,” but he shepherded multiethnic Horizon West Church to celebrate Juneteenth, the national holiday marking when Blacks enslaved in Galveston, Texas, were freed two years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

Extremist pro-choice groups push ‘night of rage’ as probable Roe reversal nears

WASHINGTON (BP) – Nearly 30 pregnancy resource centers offering lifesaving Christian ministry have been attacked since the leaked draft of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that would kill nationwide legal abortion, a Catholic tracking site reported June 20.

NAAF hears annual sermon, names two women to board of directors

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) – Frank Williams, president of the National African American Fellowship of the Southern Baptist Convention, describes two peculiar aspects of salt, a substance Jesus referenced in telling disciples their function.

Jen Wilkin: Dos parteras humildes fueron las primeras libertadoras de Israel antes que Moisés

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) – El libro bíblico de Éxodo “tiene una pequeña broma sobre Faraón”, en palabras de la célebre autora y maestra de Biblia Jen Wilkin.

Build church on Word of God to look like Jesus, Sanchez exhorts SBC

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) – “Is it possible that the reasons our congregations have been so thrust against the winds and the waves, is because we have not ground them in the Word of God?”

Litton, Luter, Tony Evans to lead national grassroots racial unity work

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) – Outgoing Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton, former SBC president Fred Luter and noted author and pastor Tony Evans announced an initiative June 15 to build racial unity nationwide, conducted by the local church.

McLaurin: ‘I believe the trust within our denomination can be rebuilt’

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) – Strengthen the partnership of the more than 50,000 congregations that cooperate in the work of the Southern Baptist Convention, Willie McLaurin exhorted messengers to the SBC 2022 Annual Meeting in his Executive Committee report June 14.

‘Pass us not, oh blessed Savior,’ Litton pleads for SBC

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) – Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton calls it a “gut punch” – Jesus’ reference to his disciples as an “unbelieving and perverse generation.”

Tony Evans a NAAF: La iglesia se ha vuelto más partidista que cristiana

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) – El notable pastor y autor Tony Evans comparó la iglesia de hoy con referís  en un campo de fútbol que han escogido lados.