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FIRST-PERSON: 5 ways I witnessed God at work at camp

Last week I spent five days serving as a chaperone with my church at Lifeway’s CentriKid camp. It was my 10-year-old twins’ first experience at camp and one of my first times back since I proposed to my wife at a Lifeway camp around 16 years ago.

FIRST-PERSON: Why churches need to be multigenerational, and why it’s hard to do

Many churches consist of one primary generation, and that’s not the healthiest church. At the same time, though, growing an intentionally multi-generational church is not easy. Take a look at these reasons to be a multi-generational congregation, and then be aware of why it’s hard to get there.

Bible Study: Finding peace in God’s presence

As the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, in-person interactions are resuming. In the Book of Job, Job's struggles taught him to find peace in the presence of God, a peace that is available to us today through a personal relationship with Jesus.

Study: College Christians want community and help with prayer and evangelism

MADISON, Wis. (BP) – Christian college students are seeking community and instructional resources for prayer and evangelism, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship found in a survey of students this spring.

FIRST-PERSON: The kind of person God uses

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP) – Have you ever wondered why God uses a particular person or a certain church? Have you ever looked at them and wondered what they had that you did not have? Have you ever wished that you could be more involved in God’s mission?

Youth groups appear poised for growth post-COVID-19 as scouting suffers

GREENVILLE, S.C. (BP) -- Youth groups Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic poised for growth, while longstanding scouting groups are suffering membership declines that predate the pandemic.

During cancer battle, student pastor urges others to ‘press on’

EASTMAN, Ga. (BP) – The metrics for determining a ministry’s effectiveness are subjective. Being about numbers is often scrutinized but still looked at closely. Don’t trust anyone, however, who says the measuring stops there. A ministry’s impact runs broader and deeper, often beyond the sight of even the ministry leader.

NAAF’s Frank Williams values ‘legacy of presence, influence and purpose’

NEW YORK (BP) -- The faith of his mother Sophia and grandmother Elizabeth play prominently in the faith journey of New York Pastor Frank Williams, beginning in his childhood in small Dieppe Bay Town in St. Kitts, West Indies.

Promise Keepers set to return to large-scale events next month in Dallas

NASHVILLE (BP) – In 2020, after more than 20 years, Promise Keepers prepared to return in a big way with a large-scale, in-person event at AT&T Stadium in Dallas. A speakers lineup led by Tony Evans indicated the group was headed back to the platform it enjoyed in the 1990s, when packed stadiums culminated in the 1997 Stand in the Gap event. There, the organization reported more than a million men in attendance on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

FIRST-PERSON: The Good Samaritan

Thad didn’t have a choice. He commuted on foot to work each night, and his route took him through a dangerous section of town and down a darkened block with a broken streetlight. His whole body tensed for about three minutes as he passed that way, nerves jumpy, ears alert. But they were as quiet as cats the night they attacked him, and he never heard them coming. In the darkest spot on the street, a hand grabbed his shoulders and pulled him into the alley.