Karen L. Willoughby

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Arizona Missionary Overcomes Pandemic Restrictions to Reach Native Americans

Eric and Brittany Gibbs have built their ministry to Arizona’s Native American community on the theme “You are loved,” and their Live Love Ministries seeks to make as many partner individuals and churches a part of that as possible.

PC ayuda a iglesia en Washington a lidiar con su realidad

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- La concienciación del pastor Dan Panter de la efectividad del Programa Cooperativo se remonta a sus años en la Marina de EE.UU. Un activo bautista del sur que pasó de ser un hombre alistado a teniente comandante, Panter buscaría cuáles misioneros estaban cerca donde sus despliegues lo estuvieran llevando.

CP helps Washington church deal with its reality

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Pastor Dan Panter's awareness of the effectiveness of the Cooperative Program dates to his 24 years in the U.S. Navy. An active Southern Baptist who rose from being an enlisted man to Lieutenant Commander, Panter would look up which missionaries were near where his deployments would be taking him.

Highland Avenue engages next generation in missions

ROBINSON, Ill. -- The purpose of Highland Avenue Baptist Church is to spread the Gospel, Pastor Dwight McDaniel said. This starts with allocating 13 percent of its undesignated offerings to missions through the Cooperative Program, the way Southern Baptists work together worldwide in missions and ministries to advance God's kingdom work.

Church reaches the world from small Alaska town

VALDEZ, Alaska (BP) -- David Bradley, pastor of First Baptist Church of Valdez, isn't hard to find. That's because Valdez is a small town. Check the post office, grocery store, hardware store, senior center, or numerous eating establishments, and you'll find him. Bradley looks for people to talk with.

Coffins Frame a Sad Commentary for Navajo Families

Making simple wooden coffins for members of the Navajo Nation quashed by the COVID-19 pandemic is God’s work, says Scott Hill, a layman at Canelo Cowboy Church in Arizona.

New Hope New York thrives with creative thinking and Cooperative Program giving

WATERTOWN, N.Y. -- "Intensive, pastoral, strategic thinking" is necessary to lead during the COVID-19 pandemic, said pastor Mahlon Smith of New Hope Baptist Church in Watertown, N.Y. But he doesn't have to think about the church's giving 10 percent of its offerings to missions through the Cooperative Program, the way Southern Baptists work together in local regions and throughout the world.

Snow and Cold Inspire Alaska Homeless Ministry

Set Free Ministries is meeting needs and changing lives through the Gospel in Alaska.

Kids get THC-infused candy from church food pantry

ROY, Utah -- Two youngsters, 5 and 11, were hospitalized April 3, after eating candy their grandmother had picked up that morning from the food pantry ministry of First Baptist Church (FBC) of Roy, Utah, 32 miles north of Salt Lake City. The package of candy that was labeled "Nerds Rope" was infused with 400 mg of THC, the medical component of marijuana. That dosage is at least 40 times the amount of THC a person might use to manage rheumatoid arthritis pain, the church's lead deacon, Mark Hughes, said.

Illinois church stretches its impact with CP despite Coronavirus

NOBLE, Ill. (BP) -- Picture an old-style, white, wooden structure with a bell tower capped by a steeple, set in the middle of corn fields, alongside a cemetery. The church looks to be far from the coronavirus and yet is as affected by it as any church in America. But the people at Freedom Baptist Church, organized by 10 people in 1852 who wanted freedom to worship according to God's Word in what was then a heavily Roman Catholic area, are not discouraged.