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Never too young to share God’s Word

Micah Singerman, IMB missionary kid, tells the story of David and Goliath to children in a Ugandan village. The 8-year-old volunteered to tell the story after watching members of his Ugandan church share chronological Bible stories each week. IMB Photo

Every Sunday, 8-year-old Micah Singerman heard his parents, International Mission Board missionaries Kevin and Victoria Singerman, tell chronological Bible stories in Kampala, Uganda. He then watched the Ugandan believers go out and share the same story with people in their community. 

One Sunday, Micah eagerly announced to the church that it was his turn to share just like they did. He planned to tell a Bible story to children on the family trip to rural Ugandan villages. 

He practiced all week to tell the story of David and Goliath. 

“I like that story,” Micah admitted about the 1 Samuel 17 passage where a young David fights the giant with a sling and three stones. “I’ve known it my whole life, so I thought the other kids might like it too.”

The hardest part about preparing was remembering the six questions asked after the story to make sure everyone understood. These ranged from, “What does this story tell you about God?” to “Who are you going to tell?” 

He had to be prepared for any kind of response.

The weekend finally arrived and the family drove hours over rough roads to the village. As they got ready for bed that night, Micah approached his dad. His nerves were getting the best of him. He wasn’t sure if he really wanted to share a story in front of a bunch of people. Kevin reassured the 8-year-old that he didn’t have to tell the story, but suggested he talk to God about it first. Micah nodded and they bowed their heads in prayer.

The next morning, Micah awoke with an answer. He told his dad without a doubt, “God said to tell it!”

More children than chairs squeezed into the small, mud and thatch structure. Micah looked around the room to make sure everyone was ready, then launched into the story of David placing his faith entirely in God to defeat Goliath. When he asked the follow-up question, “What about this story applies to your life?” hands shot straight up.  

“Be courageous.” 

“Stand up for God.”

One answer, though, stood out. John wanted to put his faith in God. His older brother is a local ministry partner with Kevin and Victoria’s Kampala team. When John saw the younger Micah stand up to boldly share a Bible story, he knew God could use him in the same way. He didn’t have to wait until he grew up, he could follow Jesus now.  

“It’s amazing to see God doing His work in and through your kids,” Kevin said. “When Micah struggled, he encountered God and was obedient. Now we welcome John into the family of God.” 

The new believer waded into a nearby pond. John turned to the gathered crowd and shared his testimony. Then, the local pastor baptized him. When he came out of the water, Micah cheered and sang praises to God along with the rest of the village. 

“If God tells me to share another Bible story, I’ll definitely do it again,” the 8-year-old said with a beaming smile.