Sue Sprenkle

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Thanksgiving feasts provide natural path to gospel

It was picture perfect. Phones immediately came out of pockets to document this not-so-traditional feast in Lisbon, Portugal. For most, it was their first time experiencing an American Thanksgiving outside of watching a movie. It was also the first time for some to hear what the hosts of the feast were most thankful for — Jesus’ saving grace. 

12 new churches in Zambia lift God’s praises

It was the first service as a church and excitement showed on everyone’s faces. They’d been working up to this moment for months with Bible studies, learning to share the gospel and lessons on being a healthy church.

Mozambique people group no longer ‘unengaged’

Last year there were few-to-no followers of Christ among the Manyika of Mozambique. This past July, a group of four bowed their heads and prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior. Their eyes shone bright with hope. Their smiles unending because their eternity was forever changed. They joined seven others living in this remote interior strip of Mozambique to make this decision in the last few months.

Missionary kid wins medals for Ghana at UNICON 20

NALERIGU, Ghana (BP) – The young American stood in the back of the truck as it moved slowly through the streets. Friends gathered along the road held up flags and cheered for the teenager clad in a Ghanaian national shirt. Bystanders called out to see the two medals clanging on Trey Haun’s chest. He held up the silver and bronze, waved and then quickly ducked his head, trying to hide his smile.

Southern Baptist organizations come together to reach diaspora

The nations are right next door. A quick trip to the grocery store often means running into your Somali friend, talking to an Afghani woman over a table of green peppers or chit chatting with a Chinese man in the checkout line. 

Asian-American missionaries get real about their missionary experiences

Seeing God at work is something Henry and Thu Phan never take for granted. They have seen a man deny there is a god until the Holy Spirit got a hold of his heart and changed him forever. They discipled a woman who was disowned by her family for choosing to be baptized. They’ve seen prayer answered time after time.

Missionary task passes down three generations

Crawly things moved all over the rancid slab of off-colored meat. The village leader reverently handed it to the visiting missionary, motioning for him to eat. If the missionary ate the entire thing, he would be granted access to the village and allowed to share about Jesus’ saving grace.

Death doesn’t stop persecuted churches from multiplying in South Asia

It’s the stuff inspirational movies are made of, but this is the real-life story of a man and his lasting influence in his South Asian village. Kahan went from practicing Hinduism to testifying for Jesus.

IMB shares Southern Baptist missions history in 57 seconds

In 57 Seconds, a video series produced by the International Mission Board, you can hear truths of God’s work around the world throughout history and how Southern Baptists have joined Him in biblically sound ways. 

La generosidad de los bautistas hacia los refugiados ucranianos resulta en vidas cambiadas

ROMANIA (BP) – Paul Chitwood no había planeado regresar a Polonia y Rumania tan pronto. Hace apenas unas semanas, el presidente de la IMB recorrió las fronteras de Ucrania para evaluar las necesidades y ver cómo los bautistas del sur podían ayudar durante las primeras semanas de la guerra entre Ucrania y Rusia. En ese momento, pidió a los bautistas del sur dos cosas: oración y apoyo financiero para los esfuerzos de ayuda.