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Pastors’ playful Twitter exchange highlights a love for books

NASHVILLE (BP) – Mac Brunson’s dad had an eighth-grade education. But every night, he’d stop by his son’s room to make sure young Mac had read his Bible that night.

FIRST-PERSON: Confession and cooperation

TIGERVILLE, S.C. (BP) – Southern Baptists have begun a public conversation about the relationship between our confession of faith and our commitment to cooperation.

Pastor’s ‘Two Minute Doctrine’ video series reflects a lifetime of discipleship

SUMMERVILLE, Ga. (BP) – The videos cover a lot of ground. In one, Sean Wegener goes over the basics of reading the Bible. In another, he explains the background of the Cooperative Program. In yet one more, he’s running alongside Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on the lava planet Mustafar in a heated lightsaber duel.

FIRST-PERSON: From head to heart

EL CAJON, Calif. (BP) – Let’s start with a riddle: What two partners live less than two feet apart but never meet? They’re both CEOs of vast organizations with overlapping jurisdictions; yet they remain best of friends, communicate instantly, and work in perfect coordination. Even the slightest interruption of their labors would be catastrophic, so they never sleep. Their combined efforts keep us alive and well.

State of the Bible: 40 percent of Gen Z believe Jesus sinned

PHILADELPHIA (BP) -- Nearly 40 percent of Generation Z believe Jesus was a human and sinned like other people when He lived on earth, the American Bible Society reveals in State of the Bible 2022.

Bible Study: Christ’s unmistakable return

One day Jesus is coming back, and the signs of the powerful, can’t-miss event will be clear and unmistakable.

Bible Study: Surrendering to the Holy Spirit

When we seek the working of the Spirit in our lives, do we look for the dramatic, the spectacular, the entertaining? Or do we hunger for the life of God and His love to live through us?

FIRST-PERSON: In search of a Savior

EL CAJON, Calif. (BP) – Do you remember when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem before His arrest and ultimate crucifixion? As He rode the borrowed colt through the Golden Gate of Jerusalem, a spontaneous parade developed.

CSB marks fifth anniversary with 10 percent of Bible sales in U.S.

NASHVILLE (BP) – The award-winning Christian Standard Bible translation reached its fifth anniversary in March, a milestone marked by a 10 percent market share of Bible sales, according to top industry tracking data.

FIRST-PERSON: Crowning achievements

The Bible is full of crowns. The first time the word crown appears in the Bible, it was spoken by the patriarch Jacob referring to the crown on the head of his son, Joseph, who ruled in Egypt.