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Bible Study: God fulfills His promises

God had been foretelling about these days and hours for centuries, but it took God the Son opening their eyes to the Christ in the Scriptures and resurrected in the flesh before them.

FIRST-PERSON: The choice facing Southern Baptists

As Southern Baptists look toward the annual meeting in Indianapolis next year, we all know that there are at least two major decisions ahead of us.

FIRST-PERSON: The complicated legacy of a bishop who was sincerely wrong

Waking up after a long Sunday nap, I surfed channels and landed on Carlton Pearson’s broadcast. He was a younger preacher than many on TV. His church was jampacked, mega-sized, and racially diverse. A traditional black preacher, Pearson even “whooped” – backed by a Hammond organ. This set of ministry dynamics is rare now. Imagine how alien it was 30 years ago.

Evangelicalism’s response to Andy Stanley will determine its future, analysts say

NASHVILLE (BP) -- Andy Stanley has said controversial things before. He said small churches are “selfish” and “inferior to big churches” in 2016. Two years later he said Christianity must be “unhitched” from the Old Testament. The list goes on. But his latest comments on LGBTQ issues seem different to journalist and commentator Warren Cole Smith.

Gallup: Belief in God, Satan, angels, heaven, hell at 23-year low

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Belief in God, Satan, angels, heaven and hell is at a 23-year low in America, Gallup Poll said in its latest update. But most Americans still believe in the spiritual entities.

FIRST-PERSON: Complementarianism demands more investment in women, not less

Last month, messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in New Orleans affirmed their belief that the pastorate is reserved for men with two decisions – one to amend the SBC’s constitution to reflect that belief and another to deem two churches outside the bounds of friendly cooperation due to their employing women pastors.

Resolution on gender transitions aims to ‘balance grace and truth’

NEW ORLEANS (BP) – The 2023 SBC Committee on Resolutions hopes the resolution “On Opposing Gender Transitions”, accurately represents Southern Baptists’ views on one of modern culture’s most pervasive and controversial issues.

How ‘The Gospel Project’ is helping to shape the Korean church

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. — When The Gospel Project was introduced in South Korea in 2017, the team behind the launch received several worried phone calls from pastors across the country. The pastors were in a slight panic. Part of the curriculum for students included thought-provoking questions. Because these questions were meant to foster individual responses, there were no guided answers in the curriculum.

FIRST-PERSON: Complementarianism, women in ministry and kingdom advance

At our recent annual meeting in New Orleans, Southern Baptists took several actions clarifying our commitment to a complementarian view of gender roles in ministry.

Mohler, Wills discuss creeds, what it means to be ‘closely identified’

NASHVILLE (BP) – What does it mean for a Southern Baptist church to closely identify with the Baptist Faith and Message? When should the Baptist Faith and Message be updated? What is the difference between a creed, a confession and statement of faith?