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FIRST-PERSON: No spiritual participation trophies

CHATSWORTH, Ga. (BP) – At the end of the season in youth league sports, everybody gets a trophy. From the first-place team to the last-place team, the coach hands every kid a shiny piece of plastic that says, "thanks for playing."

Bible Study: Heeding God’s correction and guidance

Would you rather remain on wrong paths in life, or would you rather accept God's correction, change course and go the right way?

FIRST-PERSON: Civility is not enough

NASHVILLE (BP) – I visibly cringe every time the word “civility” is used around me. I hate it. On the face of it, “civility” is one of those things that everyone supports – like “patriotism” or “family” or “honor.” But our civility is often limited to whether or not we agree with the other person. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I am repelled by the word “civility” because it aspires to too little. We are called not to mere civility, but beyond civility to kindness. 

Bible Study: Honor God in daily life

Honoring God isn’t a responsibility reserved just for Sunday. There are countless ways we offer our deep respect and reverence for God.

Americans hold complex, conflicting religious beliefs, according to latest State of Theology study

NASHVILLE (BP) – More than half of Americans say religious beliefs are a matter of personal opinion, not objective facts. And that’s made clear by examining the varying, and sometimes contradictory, theological doctrines they hold.

Bible Study: God’s plans will be fulfilled

Don’t underestimate the power of the Gospel to recenter your mind and refocus your gaze on Jesus, the "author and perfecter" of your faith.

FIRST-PERSON: Confronting fear with God’s Word

TIFTON, Ga. (BP) -- Grandbaby number four was on her way. My daughter-in-law Ashley was at the hospital to have a cesarean section and we would soon see precious Madi’s little face. How much would she weigh? Would she look like her mother or dad?

Bible Study: Stand on the Gospel in evil days

The Christian life is a spiritual battle, an open warfare for our allegiance. The apostle Paul provides weapons for the invisible, spiritual battle we face.

FIRST-PERSON: When Alexa isn’t helpful

COLUMBUS, Ga. (BP) -- Like many, I’ve been trying to bake more while spending more time around the house. More than once, I’ve shouted out to “Alexa” to help me convert cups to tablespoons. While convenient, it also helps me realize how often I ask questions and go to a tech source for answers. Don’t you love using YouTube as a training source for all of your DIY projects? It’s amazing!

FIRST-PERSON: How to be a shepherd sheep can trust

OKLAHOMA CITY (BP) – A writer spent time with a shepherd on the Texas plains. One night, the shepherd built a fire, and the sheep gathered close. Around midnight, a coyote howled in the distance, followed by another coyote from the opposite direction. The fearful sheep began bleating.