Chuck Lawless

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FIRST-PERSON: Why churches need to be multigenerational, and why it’s hard to do

Many churches consist of one primary generation, and that’s not the healthiest church. At the same time, though, growing an intentionally multi-generational church is not easy. Take a look at these reasons to be a multi-generational congregation, and then be aware of why it’s hard to get there.

FIRST-PERSON: 25 ways to honor your pastor

This year has been a tough year for pastors and church leaders. The pandemic has changed almost everything we do, but pastors have pivoted quickly and worked hard to make adjustments. If ever they have earned appreciation, it’s this year. Here are some ways to show your gratitude during this Pastor Appreciation Month:

FIRST-PERSON: Churches & missionaries

Meet a missionary, Chuck Lawless suggests, because nothing carries the impact of "a live person who's giving his or her life for people who need Jesus."

FIRST-PERSON: Let’s sing anyway

If you're not familiar with a song at church -- or not enamored with it -- Chuck Lawless suggests why you might join in singing it anyway.

FIRST-PERSON: Unknown heroes

Chuck Lawless writes about heroes who have planted their lives in places few people have heard of, yet they are the spiritual shepherds of their communities.

FIRST-PERSON: God’s discipline

God's discipline has great value, Chuck Lawless writes, noting that "repentance today can strengthen us for the temptations of tomorrow."

FIRST-PERSON: Missionaries, we need you

Southern Baptist missionaries are a source of hope amid controversy within the SBC, Chuck Lawless writes. They reflect the convention's foremost calling: "They're laser-beam focused on lostness."

FIRST-PERSON: Ministry moments

For Chuck Lawless, "seeing the look of absolute joy on a new believer who has just been baptized" and "telling Bible stories to children who hang on every word" are among the many joys of ministry.

10 resolutions for missions in the New Year

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- It's a new year -- a time when many of us make resolutions. If you're like I am, those resolutions are often self-focused. We plan to exercise more, eat less, save more dollars, take more time off, accomplish some long-delayed goals, and generally make this year more productive than the last one. These resolutions aren't wrong, but I'd like to challenge you to think more externally and globally with your resolutions this year. The new year is not only an opportunity for a new start. It's another opportunity of grace to be part of reaching the nations.

FIRST-PERSON: Lostness & brokenness

For those who seldom, if ever, share their faith with others, Chuck Lawless suggests ways "to deepen your burden over those who are without Christ."