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7 signs of spiritual neuropathy

Some years ago, I was diagnosed with neuropathy—in my case, a strange combination of tingling and numbness in my feet. Though the doctors never discovered the cause, I still think about that diagnosis when I find myself in a similar spiritual malaise of both needle-like tingling and numbness at the same time.

7 simple ways to strengthen the discipleship strategy in your church

My assessment is that many, if not most, churches have no intentional, strategic plan in place to disciple believers. Illustrating an image I use in my book, Disciple: How to Create a Community that Develops Passionate and Healthy Followers of Jesus, these churches may have “puzzle pieces” of discipleship—but these puzzle pieces are lying around the floor. No one has put the puzzle together. 

7 reasons why some prodigals return

From my experience, here are seven reasons why some prodigals return to their family and their faith.

10 reasons some folks didn’t listen to your preaching or teaching this weekend

We who preach or teach are kidding ourselves if we believe everyone is listening to us when we speak. Somebody’s not listening and, if weren’t honest, we can identify some of those folks by just watching them while we’re speaking.

8 things I’ve never heard from my pastoral heroes

I have two pastoral heroes whose lives I want to emulate. One is now with the Lord, but the other continues to serve the Lord faithfully even into older age. I could write all day about things I heard them say that have changed my life, but I’m focusing in this post on things I’ve never heard from them. Sometimes, what we don’t say is as important as what we do say. 

8 things I would look for on a church’s website if I were looking for a new church

I’m not looking for a new church home. We love our pastors and the church’s vision, and we have no intention of going elsewhere. At the same time, though, I’m often in correspondence with people who are looking for a new church. They most often turn to the website to determine whether to visit a church, even when someone has invited them. 

An urgent plea for churches

Recently, I led a collegiate conference at a local church. Every time I speak to college students, I’m reminded of two things: (1) they bring enthusiasm and potential to a local church, and (2) many, if not most churches—unlike the church where I did the conference—do a poor job of reaching these students. In fact, many churches lose their high school graduates when they go to college and don’t regain them (if they do) until they get married and have children.

7 things to remember after a challenging Sunday

Just look at the post titles, though, and you’ll see I’ve had a tendency to focus on addressing the negatives after a given Sunday. That’s not the best direction, so I’m repenting today to move in a more positive direction. Here are some reasons to rejoice today – even if yesterday was a tough day.

10 reasons long-term pastorates matter

Just this week, I had a conversation with an aspiring pastor asking about the importance of pastors staying at a church even it’s tough. Our studies over the years have indeed shown the value of longer pastoral tenures. When staying at a tough church is challenging, maybe these reasons below will challenge you to hold on...

A preacher’s reflection on worship services

I love preaching the Word. That’s my calling, and I can’t imagine not doing it. So, I’m deeply grateful for the opportunities I get to speak in different churches, and I’m especially thankful to worship with believers around the country. Moreover, I’m always pumped when . . .