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Facebook shutdown leaves churches looking for other options

As the world reacted to a nearly six-hour shutdown of Facebook and Instagram last Monday, Southern Baptist churches who use the platforms are considering how they would respond to a potential future shutdown on a Sunday. 

EXPLAINER: What Christians should know about QAnon

The conspiracy theory “QAnon” has been in the headlines lately. A few years ago it was an internet phenomenon known only to those familiar with the web’s most unruly message boards. But today there are people openly flirting with the movement from the country’s highest political platforms.

FIRST-PERSON:Will social media kill your Gospel witness?

FRANLKIN, Tenn. (BP) -- The growth of a person’s character and Gospel witness is like that of an oak. You really don’t see a lot of movement from one year to the next, but over time you see a sapling mature into a majestic tree.

FIRST-PERSON: What’s fueling the divisions in your church?

NASHVILLE (BP) -- When asked their most significant struggle in this moment, pastors pointed to the disunity in their congregation.  Think about that for a moment.

EXPLAINER: What’s the problem with China and TikTok?

NASHVILLE (BP) -- Over the last few weeks, there has been a cultural firestorm over the viral video sharing app TikTok and a potential ban in the United States. TikTok’s usage surged during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns with millions of users finding reprieve during this difficult season of isolation and social distancing.

What do online viewership numbers really mean?

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (BP) -- Brentwood Baptist Church digital strategy director Darrel Girardier admits that he has a love-hate relationship with analytics, especially in relation to online worship and other events that are streamed on social media platforms.

73-year-old grandmother launches Facebook cooking show and spikes online viewership at rural Alabama church

ANDALUSIA, Ala. (BP) -- "Big Mama" Brenda Gantt is up mornings at 4:30 brewing coffee, slow-cooking grits until they're creamy, hand-kneading buttermilk biscuits she bakes on a cast-iron griddle, and preparing smoked sausage, blueberry fried pies and such for guests at her bed-and-breakfast in Andalusia, Ala.

FIRST-PERSON: If you’ve got Jesus in your profile, don’t be nasty on your timeline

As we muddle through the coming election season and a global pandemic that has divided Americans, Christians will be more tempted than ever to abandon civility, Dan Darling says.

FIRST-PERSON: Pause before posting

Brandon Porter admits he rarely leaves social media feeling encouraged. But he offers some advice to make social media better -- and six questions to ask before posting.

FIRST-PERSON: ‘Do nothing’ and ‘do everything’ on social media

Don't buy the stereotypes, Art Toalston says. There is a sea of good people on social media -- with wholesome things to share. And you can be one of them.