Shane Pruitt

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FIRST-PERSON: 4 Ways to create a culture of evangelism for students

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP) – Thirty years from now, when people ask what the pandemic was like and what we did, what will we say? What will we say about the students we lead? If we say we binge-watched our way through the latest TV series, we will have completely missed a huge opportunity.

FIRST-PERSON: Engaging the next generation on mental health

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP) – According to a recent Barna study, half of 18-year-olds in the U.S. report anxiety and fear of failure, and about 40 percent say they often feel sad or depressed. Thirty-four percent of young people say they feel lonely and isolated from others.

FIRST-PERSON: 7 ways for next gen ministries to approach this unique summer

This summer will not be as busy as usual, Shane Pruitt says. But that doesn't mean it can't be very effective for ministry. He lists seven ways for leaders to make the most of it.

FIRST-PERSON: Giving an effective, online Gospel invitation

One of the key aspects of serving a new online audience well is giving an effective Gospel invitation, Shane Pruitt says. He offers several applicable practices to keep in mind.

Calm in the Chaos — A weekly call

ALPHARETTA, Ga. (BP) -- We're being inundated with COVID-19 updates daily. As numbers of confirmed cases and the loss of life continue to grow, hard-working people are losing their jobs, and churches are navigating new ways to minister to their members and reach their communities with the Gospel. There seems to be one word that describes it all -- chaos.

FIRST PERSON: Six common traits of Gen Z

Gen Z-ers or millennials will tell you what adults need to know about their generations, according to Shane Pruitt.

FIRST-PERSON: Your forever family

While it's easy to find criticisms of the church, Shane Pruitt sets forth key reasons why the church is a vital part of God's purpose and empowering for His followers.

FIRST-PERSON: Experiencing the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is vital, Shane Pruitt writes, for experiencing "the freedom and victory that only comes from the Spirit of our great God."

FIRST-PERSON: Are you OK with Jesus but not the Bible?

Shane Pruitt cautions against creating "a Play-Doh Jesus" to "shape and mold" to one's imagination. "If you truly love the Jesus of the Bible," Pruitt writes, "you will also love the Bible that tells us all about Him."

FIRST-PERSON: Responding to criticism

Criticism can be faced in a healthy way, Shane Pruitt writes, noting that it doesn't have to make Christians to "lay down in defeat, doubt or discouragement."