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Post-COVID Perspective: Pandemic’s ‘residual effect’ still felt at SBC seminaries

When COVID-19 slammed North America in March 2020, the six SBC seminaries took immediate and drastic action. They suspended in-person classes, emptied residence halls, and told employees to work from home.

Post-COVID Perspective: Pandemic pause left no long-term changes in Southern Baptist missions

The COVID-19 pandemic created short-term challenges for Southern Baptist mission efforts. But it included the opportunity to re-assess missiological practices while encountering a world re-awakened to its mortality and eternal matters.

Post-COVID Perspective: Religious liberty affirmed by courts during pandemic

NASHVILLE (BP) – The COVID-19 pandemic provided challenges to the religious liberty of Americans and their churches, but court rulings during the crisis actually affirmed the First Amendment’s protection of the free exercise of religion.

Post-COVID Perspective: Pandemic catalyzes churches to cast evangelistic net with online services

NASHVILLE (BP) – Of all the years to plant a new church, most people would likely put 2020 on the bottom of the list. But when God clearly called Frank and Maria Urroz to start a new church to reach the growing Hispanic population of Gallatin, Tennessee, how could they say no?

Post-COVID Perspective: Pandemic challenges brought refocus to many churches

NASHVILLE (BP) – College basketball fans know the third month of the year as March Madness. Fans fill out brackets and college teams compete for their one shining moment.

FIRST-PERSON: Rebuilding a small church post-COVID

KELLY, N.C. (BP) – Post-COVID church attendance studies indicate a positive trend in many congregations as members and guests alike return. Still, U.S. Protestant churches report current attendance at 85 percent of their typical worship service levels prior to COVID. These statistics may concern church leaders, seeing pandemic wounds heal but wondering about the metaphorical scar tissue left behind.

More Americans stay away from church as pandemic nears year three

(RNS) — At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly every congregation in the United States shut down, at least for a while.

Pandemic religious restrictions led to oppressive actions, study finds

About one-fourth of nearly 200 nations studied by the Pew Research Center used force to prevent religious gatherings during the COVID pandemic.

Did faith fall off a cliff during COVID? New study says no.

(RNS) – When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many Americans lost the habit of churchgoing after almost every church in the country closed down their in-person services and shifted online.

Churches are open but still recovering from pandemic attendance losses

NASHVILLE (BP) — Almost every church in the U.S. is holding in-person services again, but some pre-pandemic churchgoers still haven’t returned.