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9 Nashville council members who voted for homosexual bill face re-election

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–Twenty-four Nashville city council members face re-election this fall — including nine who voted for the most recent “sexual orientation” bill.

The bill, which faces its second reading April 1, would ban employment discrimination based on homosexuality or bisexuality within the metro government. It would affect all city departments, including the public school system where some 70,000 students attend nearly 130 schools.

The bill passed 17-16 on its first reading March 18 and was sent to the council’s Human Relations Committee. It must pass twice more before it is sent to the desk of Mayor Bill Purcell, who has yet to publicly state his position on the legislation.

The bill faces a higher standard if it makes it to a third reading, needing 21 of the council’s 40 votes for passage. During the first reading six members were absent and one did not vote.

“Hopefully and prayerfully there will be some people who will be converted and who will be pricked in their hearts to know that they need to do the right thing for children and not pass this bill,” Carolyn Baldwin Tucker, who opposes the bill, told Baptist Press after the first reading March 18.

Southern Baptist ethicist Richard Land said he’s afraid the bill will be used as a stepping stone to wider-sweeping legislation.

“This is a dangerous road to go down,” said Land, president of the SBC Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

“In other states, municipal sexual orientation laws have been used to aggressively go after groups like the Boy Scouts,” Land added, referring to Scout troops that have been targeted because they do not allow homosexuals to serve as leaders. “… I think these laws do more harm than good,” Land said.

“I don’t think people should discriminate, but this law will be misused.”

Following is the list of the nine members who face re-election and voted yes on the first-reading: Bob Bogen, David Briley, Adam Dread, Morris Haddox, Lawrence Hall Jr., Don Knoch, Jim Shulman, John Summers and Lynn Williams.

Three members up for re-election were absent during the first reading: Ronnie Greer, Amanda McClendon and Ludye Wallace.

One member up for re-election, Ginger Hausser, did not vote.

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