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Bone-weary witness helps traveler find a new life in ‘this Jesus man&

ATLANTA (BP)–Bone weary, John Yarbrough was on a flight back to Atlanta, looking forward to some rest. The Southern Baptist North American Mission Board’s vice president for evangelism admitted he even prayed that God would not send a seeker to sit beside him.
“I settled back with a good book, when a man hurried on the plane and sat down right beside me,” Yarbrough recounted at the June 14 meeting of Southern Baptist chaplains in Stone Mountain, Ga.
“The man leaned over, saw the book I was reading and asked me if I knew anything about ‘this Jesus man.’”
Yarbrough learned the man was on his way to Alaska to meet some friends — and one of the friends had told the man he ought to find out something about Jesus.
Yarbrough and the man talked about Christ throughout the flight and, upon arrival in Atlanta, the man accompanied Yarbrough to the baggage area as their conversation continued.
At the baggage counter, the man knelt and gave his heart to Christ.
“I will never pray to rest like that again,” Yarbrough said. “ We always have to be ready when God gives us opportunity.”

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