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BP Sports correspondent recaps player bantering at Super Bowl

TAMPA, Fla. (BP)–Special correspondent Roxanne Robbins reports live from the Super Bowl, including one-on-one interviews with members of both the Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants, on BP Sports at www.bpsports.net.

A lighthearted excerpt:

“Today I paid a lengthy visit with the New York Giants. Here’s some inside scoop. No, I don’t have game strategies but I learned a bit about the player bantering that goes on behind closed doors,” Robbins writes, citing, for example: “Giants star Michael Stratton let it be known that his teammate Michael Barrow is called ‘Powdered Donut’ by all the guys when in the locker room. Apparently Barrows gets so dehydrated at practice and on game day that a white ring forms around his mouth. Keep an eye open for it when you see Barrows Super Bowl Sunday.”

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