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FLOYD: ‘The greatest night ever’

Ronnie Floyd is president of the Southern Baptist Convention and senior pastor of Cross Church in northwest Arkansas.

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (BP) — On June 14, the entire Tuesday evening session of the 2016 Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting will be committed to praying for spiritual leaders, our churches, nation and world. There, perhaps, has never been a time in our generation when we have needed to pray more than now.

The greatest night ever

Testimonies poured in from across the nation after last year’s national call to prayer, where 7,000 Baptists cried out to the Lord together. A common testimony was, “This was the greatest moment I have ever experienced in a Southern Baptist Convention.” God was with us powerfully and everyone present knew He was!

2016 national call to prayer

Last year was the first session, perhaps in our modern history, where an entire session of the Southern Baptist Convention was given to prayer.

Due to the work of God among us last year, His present work today, the critical need of the hour in America, the state of our churches, the needs of our pastors, the status of our evangelism or lack of it, and the exponential lostness of the world while we are bringing home hundreds of our missionaries, it is time to pray.

Baptists need to pour into St. Louis by the thousands for this historic night of prayer. Those who can only attend this one night, please come. For the members of the 300 churches in the metro region of St. Louis, please come for this significant night.

Southern Baptists who are not able to come to St. Louis may join us as it is streamed live on the web at www.sbc.net.

3 components of this national prayer gathering

1. Spiritual leadership: We will pray for pastors and spiritual leaders in America — their lives, leadership, families and ministries.

2. Revived churches: We will pray for our churches in America — for racial unity in our churches and nation, and for the dry bones of spiritual life in our churches to come alive. Our God can turn any church around!

3. Nationwide & global awakening: We will pray for America and for where we are in our nation spiritually, morally and politically. We will pray for the next great spiritual awakening in America as well as an explosion of the Gospel to bring about global awakening.

At the present time, the persons who will help me lead this gathering are listed at www.ronniefloyd.com/blog/. Others may join us in leading as well. Pray for these persons by name, gather the people, and let’s come to St. Louis expecting God to move in our hearts so dynamically, people will say as they did in Acts 17:6, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here too.”

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