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GGBTS trustees honor Crews for 15 years as president

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (BP)–Trustees of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary honored William O. “Bill” Crews Oct. 9 on the occasion of his 15th anniversary as president of the Southern Baptist Convention institution.

The special recognition came during the trustees’ semi-annual meeting at the seminary’s main campus in Mill Valley.

In addition to a banquet honoring Crews and his wife, Jo Ann, trustees also approved a resolution of appreciation and personally contributed more than $2,000 to pay for a trip marking the couple’s 15th anniversary at Golden Gate Seminary.

The resolution expresses “profound appreciation and gratitude to President and Mrs. Crews for their enduring spirit of ministry, outstanding leadership and commitment to continuing service to the mission of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.”

Morris H. Chapman, president and chief executive officer of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, was among those on hand to celebrate the occasion. Speaking at the Oct. 9 banquet, Chapman noted the guest of honor “lives his life with a constant balance, always trusting in the Lord” and is serious about theological education.

“Bill Crews has been a man who’s walked his life with a constant faith, and he’s too focused on the real needs of our world to dwell on petty things,” Chapman said.

Dan Stringer, retired executive director of three Southern Baptist state conventions, said Crews is recognized as “the leader of Southern Baptists in the far West.

“There’s no man I respect more than Bill Crews, for his integrity, hard work and desire to do the very best with his assigned tasks. He represents the heart of Southern Baptists in reaching the far West for Jesus Christ,” Stringer said.

Yemi Ajimatanraraje, a Golden Gate Seminary student from Nigeria, described Crews as “someone who partners with God” in mission.

“I thank you Dr. Crews for your humility and we really give glory to God for who you are,” Ajimatanraraje said.

Responding to the plaudits, Crews shared credit for what has been accomplished at Golden Gate Seminary during his tenure as president.

“I appreciate all the kind remarks but I know as you do that when you are a leader of any group you never do anything of consequence by yourself and I thank each of you for all that you do,” Crews said.

“It has been the most wonderful growing experience of my life and I thank you for the privilege of serving,” he continued. “I am committed to doing whatever it takes for Golden Gate to be all that God desires for us to be.”

Board chairman David George reaffirmed trustees’ support for Crews’ presidency.

“We look forward to the many tomorrows under Dr. Crews’ leadership,” said George, pastor of Lake Arlington Baptist Church, Arlington, Texas.
(Cameron Crabtree contributed to this story.)

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