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GuideStone to offer online retirement planning services

DALLAS (BP)–With the goal of providing more education and guidance for retirement plan participants, GuideStone Financial Resources will offer online retirement planning services from Morningstar Associates, LLC, to its participants this fall.

“For several years our participants have been asking for direction on how to invest for retirement,” said John R. Jones, GuideStone’s chief operating officer. “We are pleased to be providing them with access to Morningstar’s new Web-based Retirement Manager service. This sophisticated service will offer our participants personalized retirement strategies and resources to help them make the most of their retirement plan investment options.”

Morningstar Associates, a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc., offers an easy-to-use service through its Morningstar Retirement Manager service. It combines research, education and investment guidance to help retirement plan participants make more informed decisions about their retirement accounts. The services are designed to help participants answer the two most common questions about retirement planning: How much should they be saving and what funds should they choose?

Morningstar Associates’ online retirement advice service provides a personalized retirement strategy consisting of recommendations for retirement goals, target savings levels, portfolio construction and individual investment options that are appropriate for the participant’s situation. Participants also may access a wide range of investing and retirement planning information designed to help both beginner and sophisticated investors evaluate their investment options and educate themselves about investment topics.

“Morningstar is recognized in the investment industry for its objective, fundamental analysis of investments,” Jones said. “We believe Morningstar’s service will help our participants create well-diversified retirement portfolios and give them easy access to investment guidance.”

“Our service significantly simplifies the retirement planning process,” said Patrick Reinkemeyer, president of Morningstar Associates. “Our process starts with determining a realistic retirement goal and then develops a customized plan to help the participant reach that goal. Every participant can receive the level of assistance they need to make informed decisions about their retirement plan.”

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